Showing our Appreciation with a DIY Glitter Dipped Mug

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The school year’s end is right around the corner. But before that can wrap up we need to share our appreciation for the school staff. Our school’s Staff Appreciation week is coming up and I wanted to find something fun for Tyler’s teacher. For me, there is nothing better than coffee so I basically always include it in some way when I am giving gifts.

Tyler’s teacher is really fun and outgoing and I remember her saying once that her family loves to camp. So I immediately thought of a glitter dipped mug and coffee as part of her gift.

I headed to the store to get a few things, but before that I ran to Safeway to grab a bag of Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast. It is my favorite roast and I love to share it!

  • One of my favorite things about Starbucks is how giving they are.
  • For every bag of Starbucks® 10-12z & 20z Ground or Whole Bean coffee purchased at participating Albertsons Company stores in the U.S. from May 1st through May 28, Starbucks provides one disease-resistant coffee tree to a farmer in Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador,
  • Starbucks® will donate 70¢ to Conservation International for every bag of coffee sold at participating Albertsons Company stores in the U.S. from May 1st through May 28 to foster thriving coffee communities.
  • To learn more, visit

Check out the special Starbucks “One Tree One Bag” commitment display in the coffee aisle!

I have only made glitter dipped cups/mugs a couple of times before, but they are super easy and add a touch of fun to your cup!

  1. Take some painters tape and tape around your clean, dry cup. (Make sure it’s even!)
  2. Use a decoupage glue and a foam brush and paint the glue on the area your glitter will be.
  3. Quickly sprinkle on the glitter. I used two paper bowls and held my cup over one bowl and poured the glitter from the second bowl. I turned the cup as I poured to make sure everything was covered.
  4. Wait about 15 minutes and sponge another layer of decoupage on the glitter. You don’t want to “paint” this layer on but just lightly sponge it. If you need to add another layer of glitter you’ll do it now. Wait another 15 minutes and sponge on more decoupage.
  5. Wait another 15 minutes and carefully peel off the painter’s tape.
  6. You want to wait several hours to let the glue completely dry before touching.

After I had let my mug completely dry I added the cute little decal I made for it.

Now our fun mug is all ready for staff appreciation week and ready to be full of a delicious cup of Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast.

I am hoping our teacher is a “Happy Camper” when she gets this fun gift!

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the staff at your local school?

San Diego Getaway

About a month ago Travis and I headed to San Diego because Travis had a work conference. Perfect time for me to tag along and enjoy a few days away.  I was only staying for a couple of nights but I was planning to relax and enjoy every minutes of it! (And I have a ton of pictures to prove it!)

Grandpa was with the kids, meals made and in the fridge and activities to do, they were set and Travis and I headed out.

The day we left was on Travis’ birthday. We were up at 4 am and out the door shortly after to catch our 6 am flight! So early but we really wanted to make the most of our day once we were there. Flights went smooth and in no time we were in beautiful San Diego.

After our hotel check in we had lunch down the street at Hard Rock Cafe then grabbed an Uber (our first time ever) and headed for the San Diego Zoo. It was the only day we could do it where we could go together. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and all the beautiful animals.

That night Travis and I went out for a pizza dinner at a mom n pop restaurant, where our jalapeno poppers were still frozen/cold in the middle and Travis watched our waitress licking her fingers….

The next day Travis had a day of pre-conference training. I spent the morning browsing local shops and then after meeting him for lunch I took off for the USS Midway. I went back and forth on going there because I was thinking to myself that how long could I really spend there….  but I am so glad I went. It was way more emotional than I thought I would be and it was a great experience. And after 3 hours there, I’m sure I saw less than half of what there is to see.

That night Travis and I were looking for some sea food and ended up at Joe’s Crab Shack. I think I was hoping for something a little more local and had no idea this was a chain, but it worked!

The next morning Travis started his conference and I had an entire day before I had to head off to the airport for my flight home. One thing I needed to check off my list was Chick-fil-a. I know, how silly is that? But we don’t have them where I live and I love chicken strips so I really wanted to finally go.  I spent the morning wandering near the hotel and the local shops in the area, then I took a Lyft to Balboa Park where I spent hours wandering through rose gardens, cactus gardens, botanical gardens, museums and listening to local artists play.  I even bought a cd from a guy named Nathan Olesen, who has an amazing voice.

After wandering around at Balboa Park I got a Lyft and headed for Chick-fil-a. My driver was nice enough to take me through the drive thru and then bring me back to my hotel.

Once I was back at the hotel I had that awkward amount of time where I really didn’t have enough time to go do anything, but I had a lot of time to just sit there in the hotel. So I did what I love to do most, grabbed my kindle and read my book in a kid free, quiet room.

After an hour or two I headed to the airport. There was more than enough time to spare so I took the time to relax and enjoy more my the book I was currently reading. Last minute they were asking for people to check their carry ons. I decided to go ahead and do that because I didn’t need anything from it. I grabbed a couple things from my suitcase and took it up to the front counter to check it.

A few hours later I arrived back in chilly Spokane! I was freezing and instantly covered in goosies as soon as I stepped off the plane! I headed for baggage claim where I waited and waited and waited…. And when the baggage wheel stopped and my bag wasn’t there I knew it wasn’t a good sign. After checking with the airline they said my bag was in Salt Lake City! Whaaat!?! She said they would drop it off at my house the next day! I was so thankful I grabbed out my car keys!! I would have been furious! Around I walked into my house and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

And my luggage did come the next day!

Thank you San Diego, you were good to me! (even though I was jealous that Travis was there for a few more days and had amazing 70 degree weather!)

Get Outdoors with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Spring break is here and while our weather hasn’t exactly been cooperating, we are still ready to get outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has brought us. For spring break I didn’t want to be cooped up in the house any longer and I made play dates with friends for almost every single day.

Not only that, but Summer has started Spring soccer this week and she is so excited because it is her first time playing soccer.  I loved watching her at practice tonight. She seemed so in her element and like she knew just what to do. She wasn’t afraid to get in there and get the ball and it was awesome to watch!

Not sure if your kids are the same, but my kiddos are asking about their next meal or snack while they’re eating the first thing. One thing they love no matter if we are just hanging out at home, at the park or on our way to soccer practice is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.

A few reasons I love Pepperidge Farm Goldfish:

  • Always Baked with Real Cheese
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • Colors Sourced from Plants, such as annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree
  • Baked with Whole Grain Cheddar variety has 12 g of WG per serving
  • A snack you can feel good about serving your kids

Does your kiddo love goldfish? My entire family loves goldfish. My favorite are the white cheddar!

We’ve been at the park several days, went to our neighbors for brunch, been to the fish hatchery, gone for walks in our neighborhood and tomorrow we will be doing some more fun exploring in our own city. What are your favorite things to do outdoors with your family?

Delicious Crock pot Chicken Tater Tot Casserole

It is a rainy day here in the Pacific NorthWest and sometimes I might complain about that but not today. Today I am grateful for this rain and watching is wash away some of this insane snow we have had that doesn’t want to go away!

That is why today I wanted to share this Crock pot Chicken Tater Tot Casserole with you.

It is so easy to make and it is a perfect warm meal to have on a cooler rainy day.


The ingredients are few, which I love, and with in just a few hours you’ll have a yummy dinner.


I started with spraying the inside of the crockpot with non stick cooking spray and cover the bottom with tater tots.


Add half of the bacon bits


Then a layer of cheese.


Now add in your diced chicken


Next you’ll add another layer of cheese and then tater tots


Add the rest of the bacon bits


And top with cheese.


Turn on the crockpot and let it cook!


Then enjoy every last bite!


  • 1 32 oz. bag frozen tater tots
  • 1 3 oz. bag bacon pieces
  • 1lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, diced
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • salt & pepper
  1. Spray your crockpot with cooking spray
  2. Cover the bottom of the crockpot with tater tots
  3. Sprinkle with half of the bacon bits
  4. Top with a layer of the shredded cheese
  5. Add diced chicken on top
  6. Layer of shredded cheese
  7. Top with the rest of the tater tots
  8. Add the last of the bacon bits and shredded cheese
  9. Pour milk over the top.
  10. Cover and cook on low about 4 hours.


We are tater tot casserole lovers but this was really a fun change from how I normally make it with hamburger!

Have you ever had this? Did your family love it as much as mine?

Finding balance with Garlic Parmesan Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes and Salmon

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #BalancedMealsMadeEasy 
Starting from the beginning of the year I really have been working hard to work out and pay more attention to what I eat. Finding balance in my life. One of my problem times is right in the middle of the day when my husband is at work and kids are at school/napping. I find myself checking out the fridge or pantry for something to snack on.And if you have been around my blog for any time, you know I am all about making things easier for myself and my family. Prepping meals ahead of time is definitely one way I have made things easier.
I headed to my local Fred Meyer (You can also get it from Kroger) to grab the Rubbermaid® Balance™ Meal Kit. Right now you can find it on sale for a limited time from $19.99 to $14.99.I love this kit for many reasons- like the recipe book that comes with it that contains 35 recipes. I have already made a couple of different recipes from it!The Rubbermaid® Balance™ Meal Kits are healthy well-balanced meals made easy. I love that it takes the guess work out for me. What is not to love with a quick and easy, all in one solution? No need to measure food, the containers are labeled and it is easy and convenient to transport.

Now it is time to make a delicious meal! I know that like so many of you it is hard to put yourself first and make sure you are eating the right food for your body. But I am working hard on that. Finding balance can be hard but something finally clicked in my head that if I am not healthy, how can I keep up with my energetic kids?

I started with salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes. Lightly brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Added minced garlic

And sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Place in the oven for 20 minutes and when you take it out you have an amazing dinner. I made this for my husband and I and set the third serving aside for my lunch the next day.

I even made some couscous to go along with it. It was a perfectly balanced dinner that I felt great about eating.

  • Salmon (3 fillets)
  • asparagus (1 bunch)
  • sweet potatoes (2)
  • salt and pepper
  • minced garlic (5 cloves)
  • olive oil (1 tbsp)
  • Parmesan cheese (1/4 cup)Preheat oven to 400°Lay Salmon, asparagus and diced sweet potatoes out on a cookie sheet and mat. (pictured above is only about 1/2 of one sweet potato. I cooked the rest without cheese afterwards.)
    Lightly brush everything with olive oil
    Season with salt and pepper
    Add minced garlic
    Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese
    Bake for 20 minutes
    Serve immediately

I packed the rest away and it was perfect for the next day. Picking Summer up from preschool and just a short while later dropping Tyler off for kindergarten doesn’t leave a lot of time for lunch so I’m glad I was able to get it ready ahead of time! Go grab your Rubbermaid® Balance™ Meal Kits from your local Kroger your Fred Meyer today!

And make sure to check out Rubbermaid on Facebook and on Instagram @Rubbermaid

Now you know how I am finding balance and my favorite thing about the Rubbermaid® Balance™ Meal Kits is that it makes it easy to pack a healthy, well-balanced meal, what is your favorite thing about it?