Can you tell me how to get,

How to get to Sesame Street– (You just sang that, didn’t you?)

My family was lucky enough to be given tickets to see Sesame Street Live, Can’t Stop Singing, And I will tell you this, we couldn’t stop singing! And clapping! And dancing!

It was so much fun!

I have been pumping Tyler up for this for several weeks! You want to know if he had fun? Judge for yourself!

See? He was mesmerized! He smiled so much, but most of the time he just stared (like he does at the tv)

Elmo on

Tyler loves Elmo so much, and Abby, and Big Bird, and… Actually he just loves them all!

Sesame Street Can't Stop Singing

I love shows like this because they are so positive and upbeat! Even Zachary came along and enjoyed the show! Bert and Ernie were a lot of fun! Everything was bright and colorful and just made me smile!

Sesame Street Elmo Can't Stop Singing

Big Bird and his friends sure can put on a great show. It was about an hour and a half with a short break in the middle which was perfect. It wasn’t too loud but you could hear everything perfectly.

This kid was in “the zone” and didn’t want to come out! At the end he said, “We just went to Sesame Street!”

A special Thanks to the VEE Company for giving us these tickets! It was a day to remember!
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