• April 1st

    I guess maybe my winning streak has come to an end? In March I won tickets to the Big horn show, A photo shoot, tickets to the Home and Garden show and got my name in a drawing for a cruise to the Caribbean. The cruise is put on by VH1 and has multiple music groups such as Lifehouse, The script, One Eskimo, Train, Colbie Cailet, etc. on the boat and you get to attend all the concerts… Fun right? I had a 1/40 chance but didn’t get it…. bummer….

    The really lame thing is that the girl who did win is right now on her way to Tampa to take off on this exact cruise route! Now in one month she will be going back for the VH1 cruise! LUCKY!

    I guess it is a blessing in disguise. I have been away from Zach for 5 days before, but he was older… How could I leave my 5 month old baby to go to a cruise? That would make me a sad mama. 🙁

    Anyway… For March I gave myself a scrapbook goal of:

    Getting my Disneyland album finished
    making 5 cards
    and starting my 2010 album and getting 5 pages done

    Well, I finished my Disneyland Album, I made 2 cards, and I started my 2010 album and have completed 12 pages! That was pretty good!

    Here is my goal for April, And it’s totally doable!

    Continue on my 2010 album, completing 20 pages
    Make 5 cards

    I will update on May 1st on how I did!

    I have a bunch of pictures that I want to share, and hopefully I will find some time later today to get them posted. Zach has a friend coming to stay the night- He has been missing this buddy of his who lived next door to our old house and is really excited to have him over tonight!

  • Finally Finished!

    Well… pretty much!
    I have finished up my Disneyland/ So. Cal scrapbook! I have completed 86 pages and left 2 blank because I have a half of roll of film fromt he beach that has not been developed! So basically I am calling it done!

    Here is a pic! This was our last day, and we were at Huntington Beach. I went to take a pic of Zach and my feet but the baby decided to be in the pic with his big brother instead! Sorry the pic is sideways… I don’t know why I can’t get these turned on here!

    Also the boys have been busy growing!
    Here are lots of pictures!

    Tyler is getting a little big for his swing. It’s not his favorite place to be either! I like how he has a grip on Mr. Moose!

    Tyler enjoying his feet!

    Here we are at Zachary’s “sound” concert. After learning about sound, the 3rd graders made instruments. Zach made a photo harp… We used a picture frame, put guitar strings on it and we had a little lap harp type instruments! It didn’t make the greatest sound but it was still pretty cool. Then the music teacher worked
    with the kids and they put on a pretty fun

    Here we are yesterday- @ my nephews birthday party.

    Here are the boys today.

  • Is it Spring yet?

    I am so looking forward to spring. I heard that we are supposed to get some snow tonight and into the morning. Really? Mother Nature? Please bring warm weather. My poor toes are freezing in my flip flops and I refuse to put on shoes.

    I am looking forward to the weather being nice enough that I can walk Zach to school and walk to pick him up without putting the baby into a snow suit. It is just too cold out there.
    Today is 38, which isn’t terrible. But I am thinking 50’s would be great. (for now, then I will be begging for high 80’s!)

    Zach had a science test a few days ago on sound. It was the big unit test over everything he’s learned so far about sound and he got 104%… I am a proud mama! Those tests are not easy either and it’s amazing how well those kids do!

    Tonight Zach is going to stay with Gma and Gpa and the rest of us were going to dinner with Trav’s sister Katie and her fiance because they are moving back to Seattle…. (((Boo!))) But since the weather is not looking good, they decided to head back this afternoon rather than in the a.m so we are not going out. Maybe we will do something else. I am guessing our night will consist of a movie and me scrapbooking while the boys sleep on the couch. 🙂

    Tyler has been taking his naps in his crib. Which is great because he is quickly out growing his cradle. And he sleeps so good at night. (I hope I am not jinzing myself!) I don’t think it will be long before he is in his crib at night too. Today I laid him down and a few minutes later he was still be a chatter box. Normally he pretty much crashes so I went to peak at him and he just smiles up at me so bright eyed. I said “you are supposed to be sleeping” and he giggled! That is his newest accomplishment. He laughs. And it is sooo cute! Before he giggled but this is a belly laugh and I am so excited for it!

    As for my scrapbooking, I set a goal in February to finish our Disneyland scrapbook, and that did not get done. So it’s being rolled over to March. I am getting together with the girls in a couple of weeks and my goal is to be working on something else by then, so I need to get Disneyland done in the next couple of weeks. I have finished about 75 of approx 100 pages since mid January.

    Also I have been trying to make cards so that when I need them I am not rushing and making a silly looking card.

    So for March my goal is:

    Finish Disneyland scrapbook
    Make 5 cards
    Start 2010 album and make at least 5 pages

    That is not too unrealistic. I will let you know how I did at the beginning of April! So I’d better go get to work while Tyler is still napping!