• Tyler’s 6th Batman Birthday Party

    Last week Tyler turned 6. I don’t know where the time goes but he is so big!

    This year Tyler and Summer wanted separate birthday parties and because they have had joint parties for the last couple of years (farm party, carnival) I thought we’d go with it.

    And since practically every little boys is obsessed with Batman, that is what he chose.


    It all started with an invite I found online and attempted to make my own.


    I found all sorts of cool ways to arrange balloon on Pinterest…. and then I ran out of time and thankfully my 14 year old son helped me put them up…. at least they’re up!

    Everything had to be Yellow and Black and was EASY to put together.



    We had lots of fun and this kid was so excited about his cupcake! He picked out the blue frosting because it was “so cool”


    I wanted to make a light lunch/snacks and it all worked out great. It was the perfect amount and I think the kids enjoyed the treats!


    Bugles = Cat Woman Claws


    Sandwiches = Bat Wiches


    Pigs in a Blankets = Robins Roll Ups


    Boneless Wings = Bat Wings


    Hawaiian Punch/7up = Joker Juice


    I wanted to make masks and capes as well. I attempted to make these masks with my Cricut but I had some trouble with it cutting felt! That is a setting I have never tried before and I should have practiced before hand! I also made THESE CAPES that turned out great and the kids loved them!


    Cutest little bat girl around!


    I used poster board and attempted to make a Batman. Don’t judge! haha! I painted it up then I used my cricut to cut out little bats that the kids used to “Pin the bat on Batman”. Sorry for this terrible grainy picture! Tyler’s party day turned out to be a rainy mess of a day and I was glad that I had planned for it to be mostly inside!



    Love all these little Bat kids! So grateful for friends taking time from their day to celebrate my Tyler turning 6!!


    And I made this fun picture to put in a frame on the table! And it is a PRINTABLE! Click the picture to get the downloadable link!


    Tyler had such an awesome 6th birthday!

  • Party Decorations {Summer’s Tea}

    Last week I shared with you Summer’s Tea Party that we had for her 4th birthday.

    Today I just wanted to share a couple of the party decorations that I made for the party!


    I got this banner from Hobby Lobby about a year ago. They were on sale so they were only a couple of dollars. Then I grabbed some lace ribbon from the floral area at Walmart. I cut pieces to fit perfectly over the top of the banner and then used hot glue in a couple of places just to keep it on. It worked perfectly!


    Then I cut out letters and used the remaining piece of paper as my stencil then I painted it with my pink acrylic paint I got thanks to @decoart.

    Next, we made Sand Art. Last week I shared how I made the Home made Sand, and this is what we did with the sand. First, I had been saving glass bottles from a coffee drink that we buy. I peeled all the labels off of them and removed the goo residue, then I laid the caps out on an old rag then spray painted then with the perfect girlie pink color.


    Ballet Slipper pink- Doesn’t get much more girlie than that!


    I sprayed them from one angle and let them dry. Then I sprayed them from the other side to make sure I didn’t miss any spots without actually picking them up and getting paint on my hand!


    Next, I grabbed a handful of bottles. I borrowed six from my bestie who did this same project at her daughter’s birthday over the summer time, and I bought six more. I got them from “Cash & Carry” which is a restaurant supply house.


    These are Tyler and Summer’s final product. Turned out pretty cute!


    Also, I needed to make a platter of some sort to hold food so I ran to the dollar store looking for platters. I also grabbed some candle sticks and I used the hot glue on the edge of the bottom side of the candle stick then immediately placed the platter onto the hot glue. Then I took them outside and set them onto my rag and spray painted them with my same pink spray paint.





    I used my Cricut for several of my projects. If you don’t have one then find a friend that does because you can get a lot done with those things!

    I made these awesome doilies and I was super happy with how they turned out!


    I cut out this tea pot and taped it to a wall in our living room. Then I put tape on the back of each of the cups and we played “Pin the cup on the teapot”. The kids loved it!

    Also I made and cut out some super cute Tea Party photo booth props! Hot glued them to a stick and then we were ready! I had an awesome metal chair that my friend Chasing Zoie lent me for the photo booth and I bought a piece of fabric to hang up behind it, but come party day it was pouring rain outside and I had to bring my photo booth indoors. It made for a little darker setting than I was hoping for, but it still worked out pretty good!



    I also used my Cricut to cut out circles just a little bit bigger than the opening of the cup. Then I put hot glue around the opening and then placed it over the circle. I used some scrapbooking paper flowers and a brad to hold them together then put a dot of hot glue on the back and then stuck it onto the paper cup.

    Then I used a ribbon and hot glued it to the cup. I used the ribbon to tie onto the kids to keep it on their heads. But I’ll be honest, a plastic headband would have worked SO much better! Some of the kids had trouble keeping their hat on with the ribbon.


    Of Course, Party Decorations aside, Summer had a wonderful 4th birthday, and I am so thankful to our friends for making it a special day for her!

  • Summer’s Tea Party

    This past weekend my baby girl turned 4 years old. Yep, Summer is four years old and that called for a Tea Party with her friends.

    So we rounded up the best girlfriends a girl can have, and had some snacks, drinks and played some games.


    Months ago I decided to have a Tea Party for Summer’s birthday. Of course, I turned to Pinterest because, obviously you can find everything there. And several weeks ago I started collecting things here and there to complete her party. Then I made her invites and got them into the mail.


    Then this last week I was in Party mode to get things done and make it happen!


    Thank goodness for my Cricut because I was able to make so much of my decorations with it! I made doily’s, a banner, photo booth props, tea hats, pieces for Pin the tea cup on the tea pot, it was awesome, I made so much of it myself and that always feels great!

    I am going to be sharing some individual posts on a few of the things I made over the next few days, so keep your eyes out for those too!

    In the past I always attempt making my own cakes, and it never works as good as I hope for it to so this year I just bought a cake from a local box store. I struggled to find a teapot or something similar so I ended up going with this princess cake since it was gardeny and flowery and I went with it! Plus Summer loved it and that is really what matters.


    I love my chalkboard wall. We never get tired of drawing on it!



    Using the Home Made Sand from the other day we put it to good use and made fun sand bottles. I used a coffee bottle that I washing to fill with sand. The kids all loved it!


    Then finally we did the photo booth all through out the party. It sort of got messed up because I planned to do the photo booth in my back yard with this beautiful wire chair my friend Kara lent me but it was pouring buckets and I had to set it up in my entry way instead! But it all worked out!


    We really had the best day and Summer had so much fun! She loved seeing her friends, playing games, eating cake and getting some super fun gifts!

    Thank you to all of our friends that made this day possible for her! We love you!

  • DIY Toilet Paper Storage

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MegaPrepped #CollectiveBias

    I never had thought about a storage container for my toilet paper until my dog started eating toilet paper.

    We had to take it off of the roll holder because if the bathroom door was left open she would eat it straight off the roll. Don’t worry, we’ve talked to our vet to make sure the dog is okay, but we definitely needed a different solution to hold our toilet paper.

    I scoured pinterest for toilet paper storage that would work for us and I found a ton of different storage made from oatmeal containers! I should have thought of that myself since I did make a headband holder for Summer’s bedroom out of one a long time ago!

    Toilet Paper Storage

    I ran to Walmart to grab our favorite Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch (9 Mega Rolls). It was easy to find and I was in and out in a jiff!

    The Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch mega pack offers the opportunity to keep your home fully stocked and organized at all times so that you’re always ready for sudden guests or last minute get-togethers.

    Because who wants to run out of toilet paper? Not me!

    PicMonkey Collage

    When I came home I grabbed out a few supplies. Luckily, I already had most everything. An empty oatmeal container, hot glue gun/glue sticks and some twine. You could definitely use other kinds of twine. I just used this kind because I have used it to make other things in my house and that way they all go together.  Also, I used scrapbook paper to make flowers.



    I started by placing a dot of hot glue onto the oatmeal container and placing the twine end piece onto that hot glue dot. Then I just start wrapping around. I don’t glue every time because it is unnecessary. I probably do a glue dot about every 10-15 times that I wrap it around.

    Just keep your twine pulled tight so that you don’t end up with gaps.


    When you get down to the very end I DO recommend putting a glue strip all the way around. However, you don’t want to do too much at a time because it will dry before you can get your twine on. Just do an inch or so, place the twine and then do another inch, etc.


    Next I made some paper flowers using scrapbook paper. I just cut out a square and then cut the swirl until I got to the middle.


    Start twisting, occasionally putting dots of the hot glue to keep the flower rolled up.


    And there you go! Looks at that fun flower! And just think of all the fun flowers you really could make.


    Then I cut out a couple of “leaves” to add to it.


    Then I used the hot glue one more time to put them onto the outside of the toilet paper storage container!


    And that is all. I made this in about 20 minutes!


    So now I have this awesome, yet discreet, toilet paper storage. And with the Mega roll being a 4X bigger roll (*than the regular rolls) I’m not worried about refilling the roll! Win, Win!


    Now I have it setting on my bathroom counter within reach for us, but not for the dog!


    The best bathroom experiences are the ones you don’t remember. Quilted Northern® is designed so you can forget your bathroom experience.

    Do you use the roll or do you have your own toilet paper storage?

  • DIY Toothbrush Holder

    It’s Tuesday and I feel like I am still in a sugar detox from the Easter weekend. Today I need to get my eating back on track so I can start feeling better and not feel drug down. I hate that feeling where I don’t want to even get off the couch because I just feel blah. And when I am exercising regularly and eating healthy I just feel so much better about myself and my journey.

    But now, let’s talk about some household projects.

    You guys, I don’t do fancy stuff. I have 3 kids…. and “practical” is my friend. And after we were sick so much last year I decided to make something to put the kids tooth brushes a bit further apart than they were in a regular toothbrush holder.

    Tooth brush holder

    Of course Pinterest is the bearer of all the fun ideas and I saw something similar to this, and it was mounted on the wall, but it just wasn’t as practical with little kids. I decided just to add each of their names to a jar that can house their tooth brush and floss.


    I busted out my Cricut and I used some white decal vinyl, cut out each of the kids names and slapped them on to the jars.




    Cute, right? Easy Peasy and now the bathroom counter has some cute little toothbrush holders for the kids to keep their brushes in and away from each other. Hopefully this will keep us from spreading so many germs too!