• Tyler’s latest ultrasound…

    So today we had our (most likely) last ultrasound. The doctor wanted to check Tyler’s growth to make sure he was growing good and not heading towards Pre-eclampsia like with Zach.
    As you can hopefully see in this picture we got a great face shot, with his hand covering the right side of his face. He looks like he might have Trav’s chubby cheeks. 🙂 I love being able to see his little nose, eyes and lips in this picture and it makes me even more excited for October to get here and hold my little guy!
    The ultrasound tech said that Tyler weighs in at 3lbs. 7oz! I was very excited about this news. This means that he is growing at a normal pace, and right where he should be.
    And for those of you who already are familiar, this means he is only 1 oz. less than what Zach weighed at birth (34 weeks) So this is really great news. Hopefully Tyler will be patient and will come in October when he is scheduled! I am really feeling great and hopeful that everything will go smooth! And I can’t wait to welcome this little boy to the Greer family!

  • Baby Ticker

    Lilypie Maternity tickers

    Keep in mind that I will be having my C-Section on the 22nd. So if all goes as planned Tyler will be here 7 days less than what the ticker says…. Can’t wait for this little guy to get here!

    Now that I am in my 3rd trimester I can’t believe how close we are. All I want to do is sleep, and mainly during the day. Come bed time I am having a hard time falling asleep and even with my trusty body pillow I am tossing and turning all night. I think mainly because I have so much on my mind about the things we have still to do… Though I will say that I am very proud to be almost done getting together everything for Tyler’s arrival. And I am getting meal plans in order and shortly will be making meals to freeze for once he gets here. It is so important to me that both Travis and myself get to spend all the quality time with Zach and Tyler that we can. I would hate to waste time making dinner when I could be cuddling with my boys. 🙂

  • Me and my Best Girl!

    Last weekend was Nicki’s baby shower.
    I was able to get a better picture of our baby bumps! She is having a girl, and is carrying soo high, Me, with a boy, am carrying low…. We fit together just like a puzzle piece with her belly sitting right over mine! I can’t wait to see our belly’s as we get bigger and to see our little “pumpkins” play as they get bigger.
    Love this girl! ———->>>

  • Baby updates

    I had my baby shower last weekend and got spoiled rotten! (and loved every minute of it!) My sister Samantha was in town and it was a great time for the shower so her and her family could be there too. Lots of friends and family came and showered Tyler and I with great gifts to get us started. We got clothes, our bed set, bath accessories, toys, pretty much anything you can think of! We played games, and ate some veggies, and had yummy cake! Thank you to all of my family and friends who thought of us on this day!
    Also here is me and my best girl Nicki who is due just 3 weeks before me! Though I look like I am about to pop and she doesn’t look pregnant from this view! She has an adorable little baby bump and little Raylee will be here the first part of October! I can’t wait for October and for these babies to get here!

    Here I am with Trav’s Grandma Arlene, Aunt Cammie, Mom Andie, and sister Kelsie.

    And last but not least… My mom and I!
    (love you!)

    I had a doctor’s apt this week and they said everything is going good. I did get a prescription for iron pills because even tho I am taking an iron supplement it seems to not be enough. Also because I developed Pre-Eclampsia with Zach they will be monitoring me a little closer this time. I have another ultra sound in a couple of weeks just to check Tyler’s growth and make sure everything is as should be. I am currently 28 weeks…. and with doing the C-section a week before my due date, we have just 11 weeks left… I can’t believe it!
    Tyler is so active and all over the place. We even have started seeing what looks to be feet, hands, and his head sticking out of my belly. And sometimes… It hurts! But mostly I enjoy it. I know I will be sad to not feel him moving around in my belly once he is born!

    As always, will keep you updated on what comes next!

  • 4th Of July

    Travis and I at our family BBQ on 4th of July, 2010
    Travis, Zach and I (and Tyler) on 4th of July at our family BBQ.
    We had family over to BBQ- Weather was off and on but stayed clear for our outing! It turned out to be a great day!