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Pork Lemongrass Baguette and Dreaming Tree Wine

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I love to make different foods that we wouldn’t normally eat. And this Pork Lemongrass Baguette is right up our alley! We don’t eat a lot of pork and I have been trying to incorporate it a bit more into our meals. But you guys, this recipe calls for fish sauce and if you have ever smelled fish sauce you might be doubting my recipe planning. But I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! Don’t let the fish sauce deter you. I didn’t even say anything about it until after dinner and after I heard all about how delicious it was and then I told my husband to smell it! hahaha!

I also found the most perfect wine to go with our Pork Lemongrass Baguette. The Dreaming Tree Crush is a story of artistry and a wine from none other than Dave Matthews. It was inspired by the desire to make high quality California wines that are accessible to wine lovers everywhere.

The Dreaming Tree makes high quality, delicious wines that are affordable so that anyone can enjoy them. My favorite is the Chardonnay.

I started with using boneless pork chops. I know that might not be the typical meat cut choice, but I wanted something small and thin for a lighter meal rather than large chunks of filling meat. I also took each of those pork chops and cut them in half to make smaller pieces. Then I made my marinade and let them sit overnight in the refrigerator before having my husband bbq them.

While the pork was grilling I sliced some carrots, red onion and cilantro for topping and then put the sandwich all together.

Look at this Pork Lemongrass Baguette…. Are you drooling? Because I am. This was delicious!

The Dreaming Tree has an amazing commitment to sustainable wine making practices and is celebrating donating over $1M to environmental programs that protect tree and forestry programs across the country.

I bought my Dreaming Tree at a local wine store but I have also found it at my local grocery store and supercenter stores. To find where you can buy it- visit their website and type in your zip code… It is that easy!

Another great snack to pair with these wines would be something as simple as cheese and bread or even a popcorn like BoomchickaPop!  It really goes great with anything.

Needing more info about The Dreaming Tree? Find them on Facebook and Instagram


2 lbs boneless pork chops
(4) 6 inch baguettes
Marinade for pork (recipe below)

Lemongrass Pork Marinade:

1/2 C. chopped lemongrass
1/2 C. sugar
3 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp olive oil

1. Mix ingredients for marinade together, add pork and let marinade overnight.
2. Next, you want to grill until the pork is completely cooked on BBQ
3. Slice Baguettes in half the long way, adding grill pork, sliced carrots and chopped cilantro
4. Enjoy!

Now you know some of my favorite pairings with The Dreaming Tree Crush, what would you pair with it?

JORD Wood Watches

Recently I was approached about doing a review for JORD Wood Watches. I didn’t immediately say yes because I don’t typically wear a watch, but after looking at their website and all the watches, I realized that I needed one of these beauties in my life.

But believe me, I was so excited to get the cool watch I chose in the mail.


I received a women’s watch from the Cora Series and got the Zebrawood and turquoise wooden watch.

When it first came the box was so light that I was wondering if there was actually anything in it. Because these unique watches are so light weight it really did feel like I was holding an empty box, but when I opened it I found this amazing watch.



It might seem silly, but I love the way the watch opens and closes. There is a spot on each side that you press and it opens right up.


I really wasn’t sure how I would feel once I actually had the watch on, because like I said earlier, I don’t typically wear a watch. I haven’t worn one in years- But I love it. Because it is so light weight I don’t realize it is there most of the time. (No pun intended)


Luxury Wood Watch

Want your very own JORD Wood Watch? Check out this contest where you can get a $75 e-voucher to shop!! All other entrants will get a $20 e-voucher just for entering! So whether you are looking for a men’s watch or a women’s watch, you can get the one that is perfect for you!

Click here to enter!!!

I was provided with a JORD Wood Watch for free to review, however, all opinions expressed are that of TheColbertClan alone. And a HUGE Thank You to JORD for letting me share this unique watch.

Give Extra, Get Extra

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Who likes to get things? I do! I love when a friend sees something that reminds them of me, or something we’ve done and grabs it for me. But you know what I love even more than that? Giving!

I love finding little things that remind me of a friend of family member and grabbing it for them. Maybe it is something simple like a Daryl Dixon t-shirt for my sister, or making coffee mugs for my friends, I am always on the lookout for something fun to give.

So I decided that I wanted to Give Extra, Get Extra!

Give Extra Get Extra

I ran down to Walgreens and got some gum for me and one to giveaway. I grabbed two kinds:

  • Extra® Gum Spearmint
  • Extra® Gum Polar Ice®

Both are kinds I already love and are classics, so I know my giveaway winner will feel the same! And I grabbed Extra because of the new Extra® 35-Stick pack. Who doesn’t love a bigger pack of gum? Another thing is that it now comes in a super durable recycled package which makes it easier to carry and share with a friend, keep in the car, or in your desk at work.

I also wanted to make something that my winner will love too!

Extra Collage

So I ran to the fabric store and grabbed a couple of fat quarters. I felt like I had this genius idea to make a carrying case for my gum.


I started out grabbing some lining and cutting my fabric to fit the lining.


And make sure the “good sides” of your fabric are facing each other. So you are looking at both of the “outsides” of the material.


Then I pinned some ribbon on the inside that will make a handle on the outside. Does that even make sense?


Then I sewed a line all the way around the edge of my material/liner.


Make sure you leave a small space to push the material through so it is right facing.


Then I folded up the bottom to make a pocket. I pinned it and then again sewed all the way around the edge to hold it together.


Now it is all together!


Give it a nice little iron to straighten it all out. I also used a piece of iron on Velcro to give it a way to latch together.


And Voila! You have yourself a fun little gum holder that can slide right on to the strap of your purse, or your gym bag, or your summer tote!

The possibilities are endless what you can do with your Extra® Gum Spearmint! So who are you going to share yours with?

Mommy’s Summer Bucket List

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Summer is here! Today my oldest son is finishing his last day of Middle School… Yeah, I can’t believe it either!

In a few short months I am going to have a High Schooler, a Kindergartner and a Preschooler. Instead of crying my eyes out now, because I know I will be doing plenty of that in September, I am just going to make the most of this summer and the beautiful weather that is upon us.

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you know that every year I make a Summer Bucket List of things that the kids and I are going to do. And while I do have a list of things for us to do this summer, right now I am allowing myself to focus on just that. Myself.

I decided to make a Mommy’s Summer Bucket List this year! I have all sorts of things that I would like to do and while some of them include my kids, a few of them don’t! Us moms need a day off too every once in a while! So I headed to Target to get a few must haves to pack in my Summer tote.

Summer; Summertime; Sunny Days; Hawaiian Tropic; Sun tan

One of the most important things when it comes to the Summer and being outside is Sun Screen. So the first things I grabbed were the New Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration Weightless Lotion Sunscreen Pump and also Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration Face Lotion.

I picked these for several reasons like the amazing smell, because it is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, and you really get to experience weightless indulgence. It is a protection you will barely feel and has hydrating ribbons for 12-hour moisturization.

Hawaiian Tropic
A couple of other things I always have around are my mesh tote bag, a beach towel, books, a blanket, and snacks. Lots and lots of snacks!

I have a huge list of books on my Kindle that I want to read, but after discovery the Little Free Library’s in my neighborhood I have several books that I am ready to sit down and read on my new cozy picnic blanket!


Finally, I want to share my Summer Bucket List and show you how you can make your very own!

So start with your favorite photo editing software. If you don’t have one, just search for a free one and several will come up.

The one I use has a curious George type animal so head there and click “Design” and then select your size.

Add Design

If you want a color back ground select “canvas color” then pick your color. Or you can just make it white.

Add canvas color
Add a banner of some sort by selecting “banner”. This one I used is a font that I have downloaded.

Add banner
Add your Title by selecting your font and whatever you’d like for it to say. I chose one font for “Mommy’s” and a second font for “Summer Bucket List”.

Add title
Then I added the numbers using the same font.

Add numbers
Then again with the same font I added my list.

Add list
Lastly, I added a fun flourish at the bottom of my list.

Add flourish
Then save it, and Voila! You just made your very own Summer Bucket List

Mommy's Summer Bucket List

Make sure to stop by and check out more from Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook and Instagram!

What is at the top of your Summer Bucket List?

Justin Bieber

Several weeks ago I was listening to the radio and they were saying that in the next hour they were giving away tickets to see Justin Bieber in Seattle…. I should actually back up a little…

Last year while talking with my nieces, who at the time were 16 and 17, we were talking about music and concerts and one loves One Direction. They happened to be coming to Seattle last Summer- And the other loves Justin Bieber, who at the time wasn’t planning a tour. But since I have had my fair share of luck with winning, ie, Taylor Swift Tickets, meet and greet passes to Rascal Flatts, plus many littler things like cds, movie passes or tickets to local shows I had told them that if I won tickets to One Direction or Justin Bieber I would take them.

Justin Bieber

Summer came around and I tried to win tickets to One Direction, but I just didn’t get through. Fast forward almost a year, the day before my birthday, I hear my favorite radio station saying tickets were up for grabs shortly. You know that means my radar was on and I was on a mission. I mean, I may be many years older than JB, but I am a #belieber. (Yes, I really just said that. Plus, he’s hot!)

Only moments later they said it was time to call. I had my phone ready and called. Busy….
Called again…. Busy….
Then, my phone starts being a piece of junk. I was dialing and it was doing nothing. Literally, no noise, just sitting there doing nothing. I hung up and dialed again and it started RINGING! That late in the “call” gave me hopes! And then they answered! Yes, I WON TICKETS TO JUSTIN BIEBER! I was excited to say the least!

I was even more excited to tell my niece. After calling my sister earlier in the day to confirm that it would work, I called back to talk to my niece after she got out of school to tell her the news. She was so excited too! We had about a month until the show, but that didn’t stop us from counting down!

So come March 9th, I grabbed my niece early from school and we headed over the mountains.


It was sort of a joke. (Once over the pass) It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get the typical 1 hour drive. We got to Seattle right at rush hour and it was insane. Plus, JB was in town. We got to our hotel about an hour before the show started, and luckily it’s just about a block away. But the parking garage was full and off site parking wasn’t going to happen. I don’t typically get annoyed at the hotel front desk people, but I was irritated that this place didn’t have enough parking for its guests- and I voiced that. Luckily the guy had someone “recheck” and they found a spot. It was a tight fit for my Tahoe, and after some back and forth I finally got parked. Now we were in a hurrying to get to our room and freshened up a little and headed out the door to the show.

We got over to the Key Arena and the line just to get inside was wrapped around the building. It was pouring rain, in typical Seattle fashion and luckily we had sweatshirts with hoods. Some of the girls barely had on clothes…..

We finally got in and to our seats, but there were people sitting in them! I double checked my tickets but I was in the right place. I asked the mom and daughter and they peaked at their tickets and they were exactly the same! So we checked with the aisle attendant and he had to call for back up, but finally told us that we were okay, but took the mom/daughter with him because they had counterfeit tickets! (Before the show started this happened several more times with people in our row!)

Another hour later JB finally came out, in a box, singing Mark My Words.  It was a really great start to an awesome show. I have been to a lot of concerts and I have never heard so many girls scream in my life. It was by far the loudest concert I have been too, but believe me, I joined in the fun!


Justin sang mainly songs off of his new album, Purpose, but also sang Baby, Boyfriend and As Long as you Love me. I was a little sad for no Never Say Never, and no One Less Lonely Girl. But he still put on an amazing show!

Despite how far away we look, our seats were awesome, especially since they were FREE! But seriously, there were great but my camera zoom sucks!


He had this awesome trampoline that came down and hovered in the air- while him and his dancers went up and jumped around and he sang. He definitely pulled out the fireworks, literally, as several times fireworks and other light displays went off. And his sound? It was awesome. When you could hear him over the thousands of screaming girls.


For the encore they brought out a plastic mat, so I knew what was coming. And pretty soon it was raining.


(Found this shirtless pic on IG. Sorry I didn’t get photocred)


This guy put on one heck of a show and I’m glad I can say that I saw Justin Bieber at the top of his game! He was awesome!


So of course we stood in line FOREVER after the show to get shirts. Most everything was sold out but luckily both my niece and I got the shirts we wanted.


We had a super quick but awesome trip and I’m so glad I got to share this experience with my sweet niece. I hope she has as great of a time as I did!

After I had been home for a couple of days I spotted this on IG-

Of course I had to run and check my shirt, because it has that quote on it… and sure enough, it has the typo! I hope they got them fixed before the next show!

And lastly, You don’t go to Seattle without taking a picture of the Space Needle. Since we didn’t have time to go up it, this will have to do for this trip!