• DIY Dog Food Container

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    For many people, pets are like family. Travis got Jada when she was a puppy and I came into her life about a year and a half later. And while it drives me nuts when she eats toilet paper, or everything else in sight, I still would never want anything to happen to her. She is silly and we always laugh about the positions she sleeps in.

    She is crazy and loves running around the back yard like a wild animal. When the sun is barely shining she will find the only sunny place in our back yard and lay in it.


    Sweet Jada just turned 11 on Halloween and to be honest, she still isn’t slowing down much.  She is still as hyper as she was when she was 1! She loves to go for walks, chase unsuspecting joggers that are running on the sidewalk (on the other side of the fence) and chew on anything she can get her teeth in. Literally, she has eaten more shoes, toilet paper, and she even ate the siding off our old house! We can’t leave anything on the floor because she will chew on it. And with kids, that’s hard. They leave everything on the floor!

    It took everything to get these pictures of her because she just doesn’t sit still!


    When it is time to pick up food and treats for this girl, I head to Fred Meyer. I love that they have everything I need to pamper Jada right in one place.

    I picked up Purina Beneful Dog Food because it has meat as it’s #1 ingredient and no added sugar. I also got some Beggin Strips. What dog doesn’t like a treat that smells and tastes like bacon?


    Jada really needed a new dog food container. Her old one was small and the lid was broken so I decided to make her a new one. While I was out getting my Purina Beneful dog food I grabbed a holiday popcorn tin. My kids LOVE that popcorn and once it’s empty and cleaned out it is a perfect container to keep dog food in.


    However, actually spray painting the container was a little more of a challenge. It has been pouring rain for the last couple of week and when I finally got a little break in the clouds I took the opportunity to spray paint.


    When it was all done and dry and smelling a little less like spray paint I used my cricut and added Jada’s name to the top. Along with a “Dog Food” printable that you can find below!



    Some of the reasons I choose Purina Beneful Dog Food:

    • Real Meat as the #1 ingredient
    • accents of real vegetables (spinach, peas and carrots)
    • 23 essential vitamins and minerals
    • includes antioxidant Vitamin E
    • 22 g of protein to help maintain strong muscles
    • Tender and crunchy bites that dogs love



    Giving Jada Purina Beneful Dog Food makes me feel confident that she is getting the nutrition she needs for her adult life.




    Here is a fun printable that you can print and cut out to put on your dog food container! Click the picture for the printable version!


    Spread holiday love to your furry friends with the help of Purina! Now through the end of November, take advantage of great savings on your favorite Purina pet products available at Kroger with this Coupons.com link, while supplies last.

    *This is not to be taken as professional veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet.

  • Southwest Breakfast Casserole

    One thing I love is having a hot breakfast ready on Christmas morning. And one that I don’t have to slave over in the kitchen while my family is enjoying their gifts and the relaxing morning is even better. That is why I love this Southwest Breakfast Casserole.

    I got this amazing recipe from Julia’s Album.  And in the last year I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have made it. I’ve made it for Christmas breakfast, Easter brunch, dinner…. I LOVE it!

    Southwest Breakfast Casserole

    Brown your sausage and onion, add peppers.


    Add beans and chilies


    Add hashbrowns and cheese


    Mix it all together


    Add in half of the egg mixture


    Then add the remaining hash brown mixture


    Rest of eggs to the dish




    • 1 lb regular pork sausage
    • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
    • 1 large red bell pepper, chopped
    • 1 can black beans (15 oz), drained
    • 1 can diced green chili peppers (4 oz)
    • 1 and 1/2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
    • 1/2 cup Mozzarella cheese, shredded
    • 3 cups hash browns (I used frozen but make sure to unthaw them completely)
    • 6 eggs
    • 1/2 cup heavy cream
    • 1 teaspoon chili powder
    • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
    • 1 tablespoon butter, melted
    1. Preheat oven to 375 F.
    2. In a large skillet, cook sausage and onions on medium heat until the sausage is cooked. Add pepper, beans, and green chilis. Then add half the spices and mix.
    3. Add both cheeses, and hash browns to the sausage mixture and mix them together.
    4. In a small bowl, whisk eggs, heavy cream, and the remaining half of spices (1/2 teaspoon of chili powder and 1/2 teaspoon of cumin).
    5. Use a 9×13 pan and spray with cooking spray.
    6. Put half of the sausage mixture in the pan, and pour half of the eggs over the sausage mixture. Add the rest of the sausage mixture on top, and pour the remaining half of the egg mixture evenly over the sausage mixture.
    7. Bake uncovered for about 50 minutes. The casserole is ready when the eggs are set and no longer liquid in the center.

    If I am making this to take somewhere for a breakfast or brunch I will make it the night before and then just cook it in the morning. So after I put it into my pan and pour the eggs over I cover it and refrigerate it. Then in the morning, uncover and put in the oven.


    Have you ever had this Southwest Breakfast Casserole? What do you make for breakfast on Christmas morning?

  • Johnny Mazette

    I never really feel old. I mean, my back hurts sometimes, or my knees hurt if I sit on the floor too long. But I don’t “feel” old. And I have never really looked at my age as a sign of getting older. But when I notice some heartburn after I eat certain foods I can’t help but laugh at myself a little and feel that I am “getting old”… Plus I have a 14 year old that likes to tell me I am old too…

    And I hate having to pass on my favorite foods because of heartburn. It seems like a silly thing to do and I love foods like Johnny Mazette so I would rather take something for my heartburn than live without it!

    Johnny Mazette

    PEPCID® is great because it helps relieve my heartburn fast! And with all the candy because of Halloween, and the amazing feasts you will be eating next month for Thanksgiving, you should definitely head to Walmart and stock up on everything to help Tame Your Tummy Troubles!

    What foods give you heartburn?

    • Chocolate
    • garlic
    • raw onion
    • vinegar
    • fried/fatty food
    • ketchup/mustard
    • tomato/tomato sauce

    Even caffeine and alcohol can give you heartburn!


    So now that you are prepared to subside heartburn, let’s talk dinner!

    Start with butter in your pan. I use a larger pan because it ends up being a lot of food!


    And Saute your peppers, celery and onion


    Add in your beef and brown.


    Stir in olives, mushrooms (with liquid), soup, sauce and water chestnuts. Cook for 5 minutes



    Boil noodles, then drain. (Yes, I used 2 different kind of noodles because that is what I had!)


    Add drained noodles to burger mixture and stir well.


    Pour it into a baking dish and sprinkle with cheese. I put a little less in my 9×13 pan so I could make an extra dish to give to someone!


    One thing I love about Johnny Mazette is that it is great to make ahead to freeze! Just use a tin baking dish and you can make them quite a head of time! When I was pregnant with both Tyler and Summer I made a couple of these ahead of time so that once I had the baby at home and Travis was back to work I could just grab one out of the freezer and pop it in the oven and it was one less meal to worry about!



    • 2 C. chopped green pepper
    • 1 C. chopped celery
    • 2 C. chopped onion
    • 2lbs. ground beef
    • 1 C. butter
    • 2 C. grated cheese
    • 1/2 C. chopped olives
    • 1 (4oz) can sliced mushrooms (with liquid)
    • 1 (10 oz) can tomato soup
    • 1 (16 oz) can tomato sauce
    • 3/4 lb. egg noodles
    • 1 can sliced water chestnuts
    1. Saute peppers, celery, onion and beef in butter.
    2. Add salt (just a dash) Reduce Heat and cook for 5 minutes.
    3. Stir in olives, mushrooms (and liquid), soup, sauce and chestnuts. Cook 5 minutes
    4. Cook noodles, drain.
    5. Add mixtures too noodles. Stir well.
    6. Pour into a 9×13 baking dish and sprinkle cheese on top
    7. Bake on 350° for 35 minutes.


    Visit Walmart.com/digestivehealth to learn more and shop these brands to feel better from top to bottom!

    Look for a digestive health coupon in your 11/6 Sunday paper to save up to $3 on IMODIUM®, PEPCID® and LACTAID®!

  • JORD Wood Watches

    Recently I was approached about doing a review for JORD Wood Watches. I didn’t immediately say yes because I don’t typically wear a watch, but after looking at their website and all the watches, I realized that I needed one of these beauties in my life.

    But believe me, I was so excited to get the cool watch I chose in the mail.


    I received a women’s watch from the Cora Series and got the Zebrawood and turquoise wooden watch.

    When it first came the box was so light that I was wondering if there was actually anything in it. Because these unique watches are so light weight it really did feel like I was holding an empty box, but when I opened it I found this amazing watch.



    It might seem silly, but I love the way the watch opens and closes. There is a spot on each side that you press and it opens right up.


    I really wasn’t sure how I would feel once I actually had the watch on, because like I said earlier, I don’t typically wear a watch. I haven’t worn one in years- But I love it. Because it is so light weight I don’t realize it is there most of the time. (No pun intended)


    Luxury Wood Watch

    Want your very own JORD Wood Watch? Check out this contest where you can get a $75 e-voucher to shop!! All other entrants will get a $20 e-voucher just for entering! So whether you are looking for a men’s watch or a women’s watch, you can get the one that is perfect for you!

    Click here to enter!!!

    I was provided with a JORD Wood Watch for free to review, however, all opinions expressed are that of TheColbertClan alone. And a HUGE Thank You to JORD for letting me share this unique watch.

  • Grilled Cheese Sloppy Joes

    Happy Tuesday my friends. I hope that you all had a happy, safe and fun 4th of July!

    We had lots of plans for BBQing and playing in the river, but the weather wasn’t quite as hot as I like it to be to play in the chilly river, so that was limited. But it was still a beautiful weekend with lots of outside play time, chores, BBQing, friends and family. And fireworks. Where we live we can’t actually shoot off/use fireworks, but there are places near by that are allowed to do a fireworks display, so we went to watch.

    Another thing I enjoy when it is hot out is easy meals! Especially ones that don’t heat up the house.

    Back in the {pre pinterest} day, I never would have thought to put something on my Grilled Cheese other than cheese. But these days, I am all about what I can add to make lunch or even dinner a little more fun. These Grilled Cheese Sloppy Joes are basically amazing!

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy Joes

    We love sloppy joes, so I thought it would be fun to give it a shot.

    I started with browning my hamburger and adding the sloppy joe sauce.

    I used Texas Toast since it is thicker and I thought the sauce might make regular bread soggy. I buttered I like I normally would.

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy joes

    Then I added cheese

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy joes

    And then added the sauce on top of the cheese

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy joes

    Then I topped it with a little more cheese and added the other piece of texas toast to the top.

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy joes

    Then {carefully} flip the sandwich. I actually used two flippers to do this and it made it a bit easier!

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy joes

    Grilled Cheese Sloppy joes

    Let it get nice and toasted on both sides.

    It was so yummy and filled with gooey cheese! I know I could have passed on putting the cheese on both sides of the sloppy joe mix, but it was soo worth it!  Here is another Grilled Cheese I made! –> Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese

    What s your favorite way to eat a grilled cheese?