• Party Decorations {Summer’s Tea}

    Last week I shared with you Summer’s Tea Party that we had for her 4th birthday.

    Today I just wanted to share a couple of the party decorations that I made for the party!


    I got this banner from Hobby Lobby about a year ago. They were on sale so they were only a couple of dollars. Then I grabbed some lace ribbon from the floral area at Walmart. I cut pieces to fit perfectly over the top of the banner and then used hot glue in a couple of places just to keep it on. It worked perfectly!


    Then I cut out letters and used the remaining piece of paper as my stencil then I painted it with my pink acrylic paint I got thanks to @decoart.

    Next, we made Sand Art. Last week I shared how I made the Home made Sand, and this is what we did with the sand. First, I had been saving glass bottles from a coffee drink that we buy. I peeled all the labels off of them and removed the goo residue, then I laid the caps out on an old rag then spray painted then with the perfect girlie pink color.


    Ballet Slipper pink- Doesn’t get much more girlie than that!


    I sprayed them from one angle and let them dry. Then I sprayed them from the other side to make sure I didn’t miss any spots without actually picking them up and getting paint on my hand!


    Next, I grabbed a handful of bottles. I borrowed six from my bestie who did this same project at her daughter’s birthday over the summer time, and I bought six more. I got them from “Cash & Carry” which is a restaurant supply house.


    These are Tyler and Summer’s final product. Turned out pretty cute!


    Also, I needed to make a platter of some sort to hold food so I ran to the dollar store looking for platters. I also grabbed some candle sticks and I used the hot glue on the edge of the bottom side of the candle stick then immediately placed the platter onto the hot glue. Then I took them outside and set them onto my rag and spray painted them with my same pink spray paint.





    I used my Cricut for several of my projects. If you don’t have one then find a friend that does because you can get a lot done with those things!

    I made these awesome doilies and I was super happy with how they turned out!


    I cut out this tea pot and taped it to a wall in our living room. Then I put tape on the back of each of the cups and we played “Pin the cup on the teapot”. The kids loved it!

    Also I made and cut out some super cute Tea Party photo booth props! Hot glued them to a stick and then we were ready! I had an awesome metal chair that my friend Chasing Zoie lent me for the photo booth and I bought a piece of fabric to hang up behind it, but come party day it was pouring rain outside and I had to bring my photo booth indoors. It made for a little darker setting than I was hoping for, but it still worked out pretty good!



    I also used my Cricut to cut out circles just a little bit bigger than the opening of the cup. Then I put hot glue around the opening and then placed it over the circle. I used some scrapbooking paper flowers and a brad to hold them together then put a dot of hot glue on the back and then stuck it onto the paper cup.

    Then I used a ribbon and hot glued it to the cup. I used the ribbon to tie onto the kids to keep it on their heads. But I’ll be honest, a plastic headband would have worked SO much better! Some of the kids had trouble keeping their hat on with the ribbon.


    Of Course, Party Decorations aside, Summer had a wonderful 4th birthday, and I am so thankful to our friends for making it a special day for her!

  • Top 10 Fonts

    Who doesn’t love fun fonts? Especially when they’re FREE! The scrapbooker in my really does! Even though I haven’t worked on a scrapbook in probably a couple of years, I was always looking for fun fonts, and still to this day when I come across one that I love I add it to one of my scrapbook Pinterest boards!

    Top 10 Fonts

    What I want for Christmas

    PeanutButter Smoothies

    Drawing with markers

    East Coast Stationary

    Frosting for Breakfast

    The Only Exception

    KG Somebody that I used to know

    KG Skinny Latte

    Chocolate Covered Raindrops

    Upstairs at the Abbey

    What do you think of these? Pretty awesome, right? Make sure you click the links above to get to the download of the fonts! And be kind and follow the guidelines for each font!

  • Presto Photo book {Review}

    I love photos. For a long time I have made scrapbook after scrapbook of my family, my friends, other hobbies, vacations, even Rascal Flatts. You name it, I probably have a scrapbook about it. But after all these years, I have so many HUGE books, that I have no idea what to do with them anymore. At this point, I’m running out of room, not to mention running out of time. With 3 kids, and an attempt to have a life, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to make huge family scrapbooks.

    I am getting further and further behind and that is why one of my 2013 goals was to start making my scrapbooks into photo books. It is so much easier to store and I can still put my own touch to it.

    So I was excited when I got the opportunity to make a photo book from Presto Photo to review. Summer just turned one in September and I wanted to get started on her book. It took a while to compile a year worth of pictures, and cut them down to a workable amount. But I finished with 72 pages.


    Uploading pictures was actually pretty quick compared to places I’ve used in the past. A lot of templates were available for free or little cost, and pretty soon all my pictures were on the pages of my book. Anyone who has ever made a photo book knows that it is a pretty time consuming project, and this was no exception. I found adding the text the worst part and it was a little frustrating.

    But, when I got my book, it made it all worth it. I opted for an 8.5×8.5 soft cover. And it turned out wonderfully.  I am really so happy with the finished product. It is good quality and I would feel happy about getting this photo book in the mail after paying for it. (And it was even cooler to get to do it for free!)

    Overall, even though the process is long, like other companies, I would be happy to choose Presto Photo again to make future books. With so many size, binding and page options, there is bound to be one to fit your price and needs and I look forward to making another book!

    To learn more about Presto Photo check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  • Do you Stamp? A stampers ramble…

    If you’ve seen my scrapbook area, you’ll notice that I have a lot of supplies. And one area I am not lacking is rubber stamps. I love them. And mainly, I collect them more than I use them!

    I have quite the range from cheap .50 stamps to stamps that I paid $15 to $20 for. Ya, I’ve paid that much for one stamp! Basically, the only type I don’t have in my collection is notary supplies /stamps!

    A couple of months ago I mentioned in this post that I am switching to digital scrapbooking. And one thing I’m toying with is getting rid of my stamps. Or at least the majority of them. I used to make every.single.card that I gave out, detailing it to perfection, and even adding a little “hand stamped by Kate” to the back of each card. And now,  I’m not actually sure the last time I made one of my cards. It’s probably been close to a year ago!

    And I keep thinking of the space I’d free up once I got rid of the hundreds of stamps that are collecting on my scrapbook shelves. But then I have to decide, which do I keep? And which do I get rid of? As I stated above, I have a very wide variety, from birthday, to every holiday you can think of, to animals, and borders, and letters, to flowers and shapes. If you ask, I probably have it.

    If you are a crafter, where would you start? What would you get rid of?

    Do you get rid everything? Maybe the ones I used the least? Should I keep the expensive ones and just get rid of the cheap ones? I’m trying to overcome a serious issue of keeping things ‘in case I need them”!

    Ugh… Where do I start?

    Disclosure: “This sponsored post was made possible by SheHeard. I have been compensated for my time and work on this campaign, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.”

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  • On going digital

    Back in December while I was talking about my 2013 goals I talked about the changes that were
    to come in the next year. One of which is with Scrapbooking.

    I have been scrapbooking for about 13 years.
    Over 20 completed books, 6 partial books, over 40 Cricut cartridges, deco scissors, punches, flowers, ribbon and more shelves of paper than one should be allowed.

    I have completed a lot of pages over time, but I have collected even more scrapbooking items than anything else.

    This year I am working to make a lot of changes in my life. I’m not only working on shedding weight, but shedding things around the house that I just don’t use.

    After a LOT of consideration, I have decided to jump into the digital scrapbooking world.
    I still plan to complete the books I have already started, but in the future starting with my 2013 book, everything will get done a different way. It used to be that scrapbooking was the only hobby that filled my spare time. And now with 3 kids, you can imagine I don’t have a lot of spare time, and the time I do have I have so many projects I want to do. Each year I am getting a little further behind and that is not a great feeling!

    I am really looking forward to smaller books taking up less room. And even being able to display my books because they don’t take up near the space.Not to mention having less scrapping tools and being able to really use the things I really enjoy rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff that just sits around.

    Keep an eye out for these future changes as they will be starting soon!