• Dinosaur Birthday Party

    My little guy isn’t so little any more. Yesterday Tyler turned 7 years old. I know that he really is still “little” but such a big kid too!
    He is loving first grade and I love to watch him grow. His reading and writing is so great and I love having him read stories to me. And he asked for notes cards and envelopes for his birthday so he can write notes. He is so my child.

    For his birthday he asked for a Dinosaur birthday party and as soon as Summer’s Mermaid Party was over I got to work on a few things.

    Dinosaur Birthday Party

    I really wanted to keep food more simpler than I have before. We did food for Carivores: Chicken nuggets and pigs in a blanket. Herbivores: veggies and ranch. And Sweetivores: Dino footprint cookies.

    We also had Dino eggs which were grapes. Dino bones that were pretzels and Dino teeth that were Bugles. We also had green Din-o-mite punch!

    These plates I use are awesome and I use them for every party I have! I just get a can of spray paint and give them a fresh color for whatever our theme is! check out how I made them in this post from Summer’s Tea Party.

    We had several games that we played. The first was just “Pin the head on the skeleton” and I picked that up from Party City for just a couple of dol1ars. It came with 12 skeleton head stickers, a blindfold and the sheet to put up on that wall. The kids could see out of the bottom of the blindfold if you weren’t paying attention. The we had a couple of non cheaters! (Ha!)

    We also played another game where we tied a string to a balloon and tied the other end around the kids waist. Then once they were all ready we let them loose and they had to stomp the other kids balloons to pop them without getting their own popped. The last balloon standing wins. I think we only had three kids that cried….. The others seemed to enjoy it!

    The last game we played was called Feed the dinosaur. Zachary drew this Dino for me and cut out the mouth then we just put a bucket behind it. We had a bag of plastic golf balls from a game we played over the summer that worked perfectly and the kids seemed to love it. They each took multiple turns!

    Then it was time for presents and cupcakes. Tyler got tons of legos, which he loves so he was super excited and couldn’t wait to get building!

    And next was chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and I used candy corn to make spikes on the back of our Dino!

    To make the leaves I just cut them out with my cricut. Such a time saver!

    I also made shirts for my family. Getting a 15 year old boy to wear a shirt that says “brothersaurus” isn’t easy, but he wanted to stay the night at his friend’s so I told him only if he wore the shirt for the party. #noshameinmygame So here we are: mamasaurus, daddysaurus, brothersaurus, sistersaurus and Tylersaurus.

    Tyler had such a fun party and I think all the kids had a fun time too! You can see the “binoculars” we made using toilet paper rolls, tape and string. Makes for a pretty inexpensive party and the kids enjoyed the time!

  • 2016 Year in Review

    You guys, January isn’t getting off to a very good start as far as blogging going. I have every intention to blog and I have many posts semi ready to share, however, I just cant seem to make/find time do actually do it. So here we are.

    I thought I’d start with a quick 2016 recap.

    January we spent a lot of time inside because it was soo old outside! We we to Trav’s work dinner, so I had to go before hand to try on dresses and we spent time with friends. Oh, and worked out.

    February warmed up a little and we hit the park several times. I turned 33, We attended friend’s birthday parties, we grew grass just because we can, we did math and I won tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. (And Yes, I was super excited) #noshameinmygame

    March we headed to Grandpa’s house for a long weekend, saw a HUGE herd of elk along the way. We went fishing and enjoyed the sunshine, but didn’t really enjoy the crazy wind! We picked buttercups at Papa’s house, we celebrated Daddy’s birthday, celebrated Easter, and I took my niece to Justin Bieber. And yes, I took pictures of him shirtless. (See above hashtag.)

    In April we attended Zachary’s track meets, Summer and I had a girls weekend while the boys went to Montana, we spent a lot of time at the park, celebrated Zachary’s birthday, and went to a fun day at Daddy’s work.

    May was spent outside a lot! We played at the park with friends, lunch dates with friends, Tyler played T-ball, Zachary ran track, we sent birthday balloons to Grandma in heaven, celebrated Papa’s birthday, ran through the sprinklers and Tyler graduated preschool.

    June I got to have a girls night with my best friend, kid less, which never happens! We had a play date with cousins from Seattle, we picked strawberries, we finished up the school year, Summer caught her first fish, I made “best friend” shirts for Summer and I. We celebrated our bestie Haidyn’s birthday, Summer got her ears pierced, We celebrated father’s day, we had a huge storm make it’s way through and we watched my sweet niece Kaylee graduate from high school. We played outside on the slip n slide, saw Finding Dory, we swam in the river a ton, and had a big BBQ with our friends.

    July was spent almost entirely at the lake, river or pool. Sometimes with friends, always with family. We watched fireworks with our besties, celebrated a sweet girls first birthday, watched many beautiful sunsets, colored Zach’s hair green, went fishing, picked and canned an insane amount of cherries, went to the local theme park and took a fun ride on a boat with friends.

    August was another month outside. Lots of time at a beautiful lake, sprinklers and water fights in the back yard, we make bird feeders, we visited the sunflowers, went to the movies with friends, and spent a ton of time at the park. Tyler got to go to his Kindergarten open house and meet his teacher! Zach and I went to Watershed, which is a big Country music festival. We saw some of our favorites, like Chris Janson, Travis Tritt, Brothers Osborne, Jason Aldean, Eric Church and Keith Urban. It was three days for of amazing music, fun food, rides and interesting people!

    September was another busy month. Zach started high school. Tyler started Kindergarten. Summer started preschool.

    That’s enough for any mom, right?

    We also celebrated Summer’s 4th birthday with a fun tea party full of fun girls. We finally got a new dishwasher after ours went belly up, so we changed out our stove and put in a new microwave while we were at it. We went to the fair, where we rode the rides, ate fun food and fed the animals. Plus, Tyler rode a sheep!

    In October Summer and I got to have another girls weekend while the boys went to Montana. (where they caught some huge fish!) Summer went on her first field trip to the pumpkin patch, then Tyler had his first field trip to the pumpkin patch. Zach went to his first high school dance and my little Batman and Cowgirl enjoyed Halloween. Tyler turned 6 and we celebrated by having an awesome Batman birthday party. No superhero party is complete with out capes and masks, right?

    In November Summer had career day where a Dr and Cop both came to speak in her class. She loved both and now wants to be both. Papa took Tyler to Dad’s and Donuts at school and taught Summer about birds. We did lots of crafts, celebrated Thanksgiving and Travis did a lot of fishing. He also found this awesome arrowhead! Plus the green in Zach’s hair is just about gone. (yeah, that is something to celebrate!)

    December was a cold month! We got a new fridge to match our other new appliances, we went to Tyler’s school friends birthday party, enjoyed Summer’s preschool Christmas concert, had a wonderful long weekend at Christmas and rung in the new year with friends.

    We had a wonderful year and I look forward to the amazing memories we are already making in 2017!

  • Home made No Sew {Superhero} Capes

    When Tyler said that he wanted to have a Batman Party I knew there had to be masks and Superhero capes but I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to go about it.

    I got started on his party kind of late and I didn’t want to spend all day sewing capes. I googled “no fray fabric” and found that fleece didn’t fray! Who knew?


    I looked online to check prices and it looked like Joann’s was the place to go as their fleece was 50% off. I wasn’t sure how much to get and no matter how much math I did I still wasn’t quite sure. Because let’s be real: I am THAT terrible at math! I bought 7 yards. (which by the way was insanely too much fabric!)


    Next I needed to make a template for the part that would wrap around the kids necks. After drawing several terrible pictures with shaky lines I finally got one that looked okay enough to cut out. This one isn’t perfect, but it does the trick! Click the picture for the printable version of this cape template. 

    Cape template

    Next I cut out my pieces. I cut them in 20×30 sections. So they were 20 wide and 30 long and that worked perfect for me to get 3 capes wide!


    Next I folded my cape and half and cut out my template and laid it down on my fabric. This is important: You want to make sure that your fold is on the same side as the “center” of your template. Otherwise when you cut you will have 2 pieces! And you don’t want that!


    Then cut it out!


    When you open it up it should look like this!


    Then I used this Iron On Velcro on the end pieces to keep it together!



    So here is how it looks front and back!


    They were perfect. The kids don’t need anything fancy and loved these capes and the masks that went with them!

  • Fall; kids crafts; DIY; kids

    Fun Fall Activities with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

    It is no secret that we are Goldfish cracker eaters in this house. So when I have a chance to combine them with Fun Fall Activities for the kids it makes for a happy family.


    Because of the time of the year it felt obvious that we should make something geared toward Halloween. There are so many Fun Fall Activities that we could have made. I thought about making many different crafts. Maybe a spider out of an egg carton and pipe cleaners, or handprint Frankensteins, Tin can ghosts, but we decided on these fun popsicle stick spider webs.

    I ran to the store and grabbed our favorite snacks! Who doesn’t love Pepperidge Farm Goldfish? I actually don’t know anyone who doesn’t love them! And my kids will pick Goldfish crackers over just about any other option! And I love the new Goldfish Baked with Whole Grain.

    A few things I love about Goldfish crackers:

    1. Always Baked with Real Cheese
    2. No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
    3. Colors Sourced from Plants, such annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree
    4. Baked with Whole Grain Cheddar has 12 g of WG per serving
    5. And ultimately, it is a snack I feel comfortable giving to my kids


    Then we got to work on our fun fall activities, which was making a popsicle spider web.

    Of course, before hand I used my hot glue gun and put together the popsicle sticks because I didn’t want little hands touching the hot glue! But then it was all up to them. I made one and showed them how I was doing it then it was up to them how they wanted to make a spider web!

    All I used was some yarn, popsicle sticks and hot glue (not shown). Then if you want to add a spider to make it a little more fun, you’ll need one of those too!


    Check out Tyler making his awesome spider web!

    We had a fun time full of smiles making our fun fall crafts and snacking on Goldfish Colors while we were at it!

    Fun Fall Activities

    I went and dug into our Halloween decorations and found these plastic spiders that were the perfect touch for our new creative spider webs!

    Fun Fall Activities

    What do you think? Is this a craft your kids would love?

    Visit the campaign landing page to get inspired and learn how to enter the Goldfish Tales promotion for a chance to win $1000 plus lots of other fun prizes!

  • Nutter Butter “Ice Cream Cones”

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    Nutter Butter Ice Cream Cones

    We have less than 2 weeks until we head back to school and I am going to have 2 of my kiddos in school and one in preschool. I can’t even believe how time flies but I have to admit, I am sort of looking forward to some quieter times around my house and getting back into our routine!

    Another thing I am looking forward to is a Little to make lunches for. Zach is heading into high school and he isn’t into cutesy lunches. Tyler, however, thinks they are pretty cool! I asked him what sort of things he wanted to take in his lunch and then made a couple “lunch boxes” so he could check them out! He is soo excited!!


    What kid doesn’t love a lunch that consists of a hot dog, fruit, cheese and oreos? Yum!

    Peanut Butter Roll Up

    The second one I made was a peanut butter roll up. It is a favorite lunch for Tyler! Plus we added some veggies, apple slices and a couple of Chips Ahoy cookies!

    I also decided to make a fun treat that he could take in his lunch box and these Nutter Butter “Ice Cream Cones” were just the thing!


    Cute, right?

    We ran to Fred Meyer (Kroger Stores) to get some snacks and things to make our “Ice Cream Cones”. I love Fred Meyer! It is by far my store of choice and I love that I can get everything I need in one place!

    All you need is Nutter Butter cookies, chocolate bark, sprinkles and chocolate candies for the “cherry” on top!

    Plus I grabbed a couple of other snacks, like the multipack of Chips Ahoy!, Nutter Butter cookies and Oreos. Plus Teddy Grahams because we sort of love them! These are such great snacks to put in the kid’s lunched or even as an after school snack, especially if you are on the go a lot like we are!

    Nutter Butter

    It is super quick and I made these in about 2 minutes!

    Melt your chocolate bark
    Dip the Nutter Butter cookie into the chocolate
    Sprinkle with sprinkles
    and Top with a chocolate candy to make a “cherry on top”




    And of course the kids loved them!

    Easy Lunch and Snack Solutions

    (Click HERE for Printable version)

    Are your kids back in school? What are your favorite things to pack in their lunch?