current craft favorites

Current CRAFT Favorites

Crafting is a huge part of my life and it’s something I’ve loved since I was a kid. And while the shirts and koozies and cups are the things you might see the most in my facebook group or on my Etsy page, it didn’t start there. I remember using a loom as a kid making potholders and coasters. And I used to make bracelets and keychains for everyone. I even went through a sewing phase in elementary where I made my friends pillows for Christmas.

To this day when I am trying to decide on new items to make I typically make them for my friends first. They’re always my guinea pigs. 😉 I still sew, making clothes for Summer’s doll, I’ve scrapbooked and made cards since high school, and I am always making things for my family. So I thought it is only right to share some of my current craft favorites.

current craft favorites

My Cricut is by far my most used craft item. I remember way back when I got the first original Baby Bug and I was so excited to not have to cut items out with a hand die-cut press any longer.  And having access to so many cartridges and images was amazing! Cricut has come a long way and being able to use a machine without having it plugged into my computer, having access to thousands of images, being able to design offline has just made crafting that much easier. Cricut is a brand I am loyal to through and through. And also, it’s like a cricket, not cry-cut. 😉

The next item is actually the tool kit, so it’s several items. The scissors are the best scissors I have ever used! The picks, the spatula, the scraper, they’re all important tools that I use regularly.

These fine point pens are perfect for writing anything you need. I use them to make my earring cards, doodles, just anything that needs to be drawn out.

The standard grip mats are my go-to just because they were the “original”. Sometimes I use the 12×12 but mainly I stick to 12×24 just for the convenience of more space.

This is the heat press I have used for the past couple of years. I did a lot of research before purchasing this one and I felt like it was perfect for what I was doing. It has a swing arm, which needs the extra space to move but it not bulky in any way. I think it is a great size!

Last, is my favorite shop to get vinyl. I buy a lot of vinyl and sometimes if I get it from the box stores I have issues with it. But I have never had an issue with anything I have purchased from Expressions Vinyl! And right now if you use code GIVETHANKS2019 you’ll receive 25% of adhesive but this code is only good through 11/27/19!

I hope that some of my current craft favorites become your favorites too, because they are all great products! Have you used any of them? What are your favorites?

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