Current Electronic Favorites

Current {electronic} favorites

Christmas is coming and I wanted to share a quick round-up of some of my current {electronic} favorites!

Current Electronic Favorites

Personally, I still have the original kindle that I got back in 2011 or so. It’s basic, no fancy touch screen, no keyboard and I use it strictly for reading. I do have a couple of random games on it but never play them. And I’m hoping I didn’t just jinx myself because I will be so sad if this one goes belly up!  But my kids are all about the games and watching shows on their Kindle Fires.

Next is the Echo Dot. Who doesn’t love Alexa? Last year I bought one for Travis for Christmas and the kids have had so much fun with it and all the questions we can ask her. It is amazing how we will be sitting here talking about something, wondering more about it and we suddenly realize, Why aren’t we asking Alexa for more information? Plus, we often play games, which is super fun, not to mention once the kids head to school I usually have music playing all day long! (The music is my personal favorite!)

I also wanted to share my Instant Pot! Last Christmas I got one and I use it every single week. I have made so many recipes, like spaghetti, lasagna, pork chops and gravy, meatloaf and potatoes. I’ve also made lighter things, like salsa chicken, Ranch Chicken Sandwiches, Tuscan pasta and soups. Just a few nights ago I made a tortellini soup that was amazing! I won’t lie, I found it totally intimidating the first couple of times I used it but then I got over it and I’m thankful I did because this thing is life-changing!

Fitbit is another favorite. I had a Fitbit Charge hr and upgraded to the Versa when they came out and I have loved everything about it. Seeing my sleep patterns and also knowing when my period will be here are just some of the perks. (Don’t get that mixed up with loving my period!) I like that I can track any symptoms and look back to see the patterns later down the road. But I also like the basics like tracking my heart rate and seeing when I am in the fat-burning zone! Plus, it’s great that I can pop in my headphones and I always have my music right there on my Fitbit!

Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones – I love these headphones. I have had so many pairs over the years and these are by far the best headphone I’ve had. I don’t like wearing headphones but these ones don’t bother my ears and they don’t fall out easily.  Also, I use these to listen to the music I keep on my Fitbit!

What are some of your current {electronic} favorites?

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