DIY Bird Feeder

Every Spring I say I am going to have the kids help me make bird feeders. Every. Single. Year.

But this year, I actually did it. Quick, easy, and surprisingly, not even messy DIY Bird Feeders.

DIY Bird Feeder

All you need is 4 items.

Bird Seed
Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
Toilet Paper roll


First, I put the string through and tied a knot in it.

Use a spoon or plastic knife and spread on the peanut butter. You don’t want it to be too thin because you need something for the seeds to stick to.




Then set your toilet paper roll on the plate of seeds and roll



The kids LOVED rolling in the bird seed. Except Zach. But he is 14 and wasn’t super excited to do the project with us! Darn teenagers!




These bird feeders are really that easy! Then we went out to our backyard and hung them on a tree, ready for little birdies to come have a snack on their new bird feeder!

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