DIY: Dinner Choices sign

A while back I found this sign on Pinterest and thought it would be great for my kitchen.
With a 10 year old in the house, I feel like I tell him he can eat what I make or not eat regularly.
Now, I just smile and point to the sign.

I like to give credit when I have great finds like this, but this particular sign didn’t have a good link, so I’m not sure who made the sign that gave me inspiration to make this:


I just had a thin board cut to 8.5×13 and the corners rounded.
I painted it white and went around the edges with brown paint and then used a pencil to draw on the words. Yes, I did this free hand because I wasn’t having luck transferring. And lastly, I painted in the letters. This was tough and I will find an easier way in the future because the brush I had was too big and I ended up using a pencil and dipping it in paint and then coloring it in… I know… I told you I’ll find a better way next time.



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