Healtop Natural Skin Products

I received this product free for review. All opinions are my own.

Recently I had the chance to review a new to me skin care product from a company called Healtop. They make skin care products that are 100% natural for Moms and kids. They offer many different products but I chose to get the teenager package since I have a teenager at home.

I went with the teenager package mainly because Zach has redness on his face, along with acne and at 15 he is willing to try whatever to get rid of it.

We got this cute little package in the mail. Even before we opened it you could smell it, which in this case, was a good thing. It has a great, fresh smell to it.

Our package included the Clear Skin, Skin repair and Sweet Feet.  And Zach used it right away. Within 2 days of using the Clear Skin and Skin Repair we already noticed how the redness had decreased. And after 2 weeks of using he has zero redness on his face!

I’d love to share a photo of him here, but you guys, he is 15 and he doesn’t want his face on my blog posts anymore. If you have teenagers, you understand!

You can also find products for moms like body cream and face care, as well as for baby, like Diaper Rash cream or supplements for Colic.

Find out more information about Healtop and which products would be right for you.  Find a bundle HERE!

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