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This is a post that has been compensated by and its advertiser Jelt Belt. All opinions are mine alone.

Summer is at an age where finding pants for her is so hard. She is pretty little still but has some longer legs so when it is time to find jeans we struggle. They either fit her waist or they fit her legs!

We’ve tried belts before and then there is a weird gap in the back of her pants and it is just weird and don’t really work out.

Recently we tried a Jelt belt.

What is a Jelt belt, you ask? It is a belt made 100% from recycled water bottles. And it has a gripping gel on the inside to grip to your pants! Which works so great for Summer because if her pants are a little too bit it will hold them in place!

It also has no metal what-so ever on it so you can even go through security without having to worry about taking off your belt.

And it’s no-show flat buckle is perfect to fit under a fitted shirt with no bulge.

They have belts that fit men, woman and children, plus they have shirts and hats so go check them out!

Right now Jelt Belts is offering a 25% discount to anyone using code: MOMS25

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