• 25 songs, 25 days Day 11

    Day 11- A song off of your favorite movie. Well I have a lot of favorite movies. And my most favorite movie is in French, so I am not going to use it! But my next most favorite is Armageddon. Man I love me some Ben Affleck! So my day 11 song is, I don’t want to miss a thing. Not only do I love this movie, and cry every.single.time. But I love this song too!

    So onto something else…. Travis coupons like no bodies business. I wish I could take credit for all the deals he gets, but I can’t. I don’t remember all the amounts, but this weeks Albertson’s had some crazy good deals. Here is what we got:

    22 brown and sever breakfast sausage packages
    3 1lbs jars of salsa
    9 21 oz jars of BBQ sauce
    2 Garlic butter rolls
    4 Marie Calendars Salisbury steak dinners
    1 Marie Calendars Battered fish dinner
    18 Peter pan Peanut butters
    12 packages of 4 count snack packs pudding
    2 cans manwiches
    7 cans ravioli
    3 Hunts spaghetti sauces
    3 6 packs bottles of Snapple

    And we paid……. $13.92

    Here is a pic that does not do justice!

  • 25 songs, 25 days Day 10

    Day 10- A song by your favorite band.

    These Days- Rascal Flatts

    This is probably one of my favorite songs ever. And by Rascal Flatts. Though really for this category I could list every song by them…

  • 25 songs, 25 days Day 9

    Day 9- A song that makes you hopeful

    My Wish by Rascal Flatts

    I chose this song because it is so positive and it always makes me smile… And so does the guy singing it too!

    It makes me hopeful that my kids will have a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

  • 25 songs, 25 days Day 8 and other stuff!

    Day 8- A song that reminds you of your “first love”

    It’s your love- Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    I dated this one boy for a good part of high school and this was “our song”. After we broke up I did the classic “hating of the song” But now I love it again.
    It’s just a great love song.

    So today is Valentine’s day. I love this holiday mainly because I love Love. Yep, I am one of those cheeseballs. 😀

    Yesterday was my 28th Birthday, and I got the coolest present from Travis. I got a Gypsy!!(for scrapbooking with my Cricut!)
    This was soo exciting. I have already started working and can’t wait to see what I can create with it! Also Zach got me a Michael’s gift card and I will have to decide what I would like to get with that. I am really trying to use my stash, so maybe I will get a tool of some sort? I don’t know…. I have time to think about it!

    Also my bestie showed up at my house yesterday morning with an Azalia plant with beautiful pink flowers and some white chocolate kit kats… (that girl rules!)

    Mom and dad came over later in the day and had dinner with us, and mom brought a delicious cake! And we played a game of Life. It was a nice relaxing day.

    On Saturday I forgot to mention that I went and got a pedicure with mom. I had a gift certificate that I had to use before the end of the month so it was a nice way to relax. Tyler, me and my mom went and had a nice morning and then did a little shopping. I sure love my mama! And getting to spend time with her!

    Tyler has a Dr. appt coming up in a couple of weeks for weight check and shots. I am guessing now that he is about 16 pounds. He’s a big guy! We will be celebrating 4 months of life at the end of this week!
    Zach has a Valentine’s party going on right now as I type. I planned to go but the teacher didn’t seem to need any help so I’m home. A little sad as this is the first Valentine’s Day that I am not at his party. I guess when you are in 3rd grade their is less going on, just passing out cards and having a cookie or two…. but still.

    Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of days. Take note of Tyler’s shirts. He had a great weekend of shirts! 🙂

    The boys. 🙂

    New Born “fanpire”
    It also has a pacifier that you can’t really see that has bite marks with blood coming out.

    Saturday 2-12

    This is my birthday morning.

    This is what happens when Grandma holds Tyler.

    I sure love these guys!

    Tyler had a long day! He is out!

  • 25 songs, 25 days Day 7

    Day 7- A song that reminds you of the past summer.

    Whataya want from me- Adam Lambert

    I love love love this song, and Adam Lambert!
    I had this as my ringtone when someone would call and also played it all the time!

    Also… Today I am 28… Time sure flies and I am having fun! I am really loving life and my family. I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to see what the next 28 years has in store for me!