• 25 songs, 25 days Day 6

    Day 6- A song that reminds you of your best friend.

    Girls just wanna have fun. Cyndi Lauper.

    I chose this because it’s always been Nicki and my song.

    Each time I get a new phone I always download it as her ring. When I think of Nicki, I think of this. She is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and us girls, we just wanna have fun!

  • 25 songs, 25 days. Day 5

    Day 5, A song that is often stuck in your head.

    Doing this song blog maybe wasn’t a good challenge! I often have songs stuck in my head and narrowing to one is tough!

    I am going to choose …. Dynamite by Taio Cruz.
    This is the most current one I suppose.

    Funny story about this song. I often sing the wrong words to songs, especially ones like this. One night I was out with the girls for a friends Bachelorette party and this song was on. We were singing away when I realized the words I sang were not the same as what I just heard through the speakers. 🙂 oops! I don’t get it wrong anymore.

    Edit:: I am editing this post because I started singing this song that was stuck in my head just now…. And I thought, “Why didn’t I use this one???”

    ::::drum roll::::

    I was like Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh….

    Yep, Justin Bieber is stuck in my head even more than Dynamite! I can’t believe I forgot that one! I will admit, I want to see him movie that just came out on Friday. I will wait for it to be at Redbox, but I will be watching, Never Say Never 🙂

  • 25 songs, 25 days Days 3 and 4

    I am only 4 days in and already missed a day! So today I will do two songs!

    First, Day 3- A song that reminds you of one/both of your parents.

    Longer Than- Dan Fogelberg

    This was their wedding song, and my uncle Wayde sang it. Even though I wasn’t born yet, I still always think of them!

    Day 4- A song that calms you down.

    This was hard for me. I love music, and their are are so many songs/albums. I don’t think I can narrow it to one song. So I am picking an album.

    It’s Time- Michael Buble

    I picked this because he has such a soothing voice. I used to put this on to wake me up… It is for sure one of my favorites!

  • 25 songs, 25 days Day 2

    Day 2- A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend.

    It’s been a while, but their was one song that stuck out.

    Ignition Remix- R.Kelly.

    I chose this song because not only did that ex-boyfriend sing it/play it all the time, but Zach ended up learning the words because we heard it so often. Zach was still pretty little but if you have ever heard that song, you know it’s not the kind you want your child repeating…

    On another note, Tyler has been noticing that he has feet. He kicks them around and just watches them. And last night he was really wanting them. Today… He got them. He finally reached down and grabbed one up in his hands. I think he was wondering how he was going to get it up to his mouth to chew on…. I am sure it won’t be long. 🙂

    Here are my boys today.

  • 25 songs, 25 days

    I have been doing this 30 day challenge on Facebook. It tells you to post a picture of something that fits a certain description then I find a picture I think goes with it. ei. picture of the cast of your favorite tv show- I posted a picture of the cast of Criminal Minds. It’s been fun.

    So now that I am almost through, (I am on day 26) I had found this one about songs. So here I go.

    Day 1- A song from my childhood.

    I Swear- All-4-One

    I am picking this song over all others from my childhood because I loved it so much. It was, and still is one of my favorite songs. All-4-One was also my first concert. I loved Jamie Jones a lot. He wore a jersey with the number 26 on it, and that is still to this day my “favorite number”.

    I can’t wait to do the rest of these– It will be a great list of songs from my life.