• It’s February!

    So you know what that means? It’s my Birthday month! 🙂 11 days until my birthday! I am hoping for some scrapbook stuff…. I still have some of my craft store gift cards from Christmas, so I don’t really need more stuff. I should be using all the other things I have. Which I will! But a girl can never have too much scrapbook supplies! ((right?))
    So for this birthday I am wishing for a Gypsy to go with my Cricut… It’ll let me do cool projects, and lots of cool stuff! I have been giving lots of hints too!

    I am so far behind on my scrapbooks and am really trying to get my rear in gear. A couple of weekends ago I hosted a scrapbook party and I think it was a hit! I was working on starting my Disneyland/So Cal vacation book. It’s going to be about 100 pages and I was able to knock out about 10-15 at the crop. Since then I have finished another 30 pages approx. So I am about half done!! But this is what I stll have to do:
    ~finish 2009 (only 4 pages left!)
    ~all of 2010 (I have about 500 pics. not sure yet how many pages that will be.)
    ~start 2011 (I have been taking pictures like crazy!)
    ~Twilight trip (this is probably only about 50 pages, I’m guessing)
    ~Rascal Flatts (a book of my concerts and meeting them!)
    ~starting Tyler’s 1st year book (these will mostly be duplicates from other books- but only him)
    ~Trav and my wedding (that will be a big project- I have no idea how many pages!)

    Plus I have a friends book that needs caught up… And then I should be caught up.
    My goal is to get half of this done this year. I would be pretty happy with this!
    That is why I will continue this new tradition to get together with the girls every other month to do a mass crop, and will be working on my own the rest of the time.

    I am sure one day Tyler will want to know how come he had to be included in the scrapper girl’s picture! He is saying :::in his best Napoleon Dynamite voice::: I don’t want to get my picture taken!

  • 3 months old already?

    Can it be? Can it really be that my baby is 3 months old already? I can’t believe it! He is getting so big and doing more new things daily. I love watching him grow! Here he is just moments ago….
    Here was earlier today with hiss BFF Raylee. He still loves her even though she tried to eat his hand. (it was really cute!)
    2011 is starting out pretty slow… which really is okay with me. I am good with a slower year! We pretty much do the same things each day. Which consist of taking Zach to school then hanging out at home. Occasionally running errands. Tyler is staying awake longer each day which I feel I am getting less done by the day, but that is okay. I really love getting to hang out with him. Playing on the floor, cuddling, listening to him talk more each day. It is alllll great!
    All I have to say about this picture is that I am the luckiest mama ever!

    Sometimes I feel really bad for Zach. He loves his baby brother with all he has. And he loves to hold him and cuddle him. But a lot of the time, this is what Tyler does when big brother holds him……..
    Hopefully next time I post, I will have something good to talk about… who knows!

  • Happy New Year!

    We have made it through another year! And what a year it was! Zach is back to school today after 2 weeks of vacation and I am not sure if it was harder for him or me. It’s been nice not having to set my alarm to get him up. We just slept in (when Tyler would allow) Christmas was great and we got lots of goodies. Zach got some games, Legos, movies, books, wii games- He was pretty spoiled! Here are my two boys Christmas morning.

    We hosted a Christmas breakfast for my family that turned out great. We had some super yummy food. I wish we would have had more left overs that I could have snacked on! Tyler was pretty comfy hanging out with Uncle Shane!
    This is not a good picture. Tyler is screaming, and Zach has the date across his face. But it’s the only one I got of just the three of us on Christmas! 🙁
    Here is a great family photo. It’s actually the ONLY one that exists to date of all 4 of us!
    This is how Tyler spent most of the morning. What a life!

    After everyone left we ourselves took off and headed to dinner with Trav’s family. And had another great meal!
    Right now it is soo cold outside- it’s been about 0 or not much higher most days. So this outfit Tyler is wearing is not exactly right for this time of year. But it’s so cute and I needed to get a picture of him in it since it’s 0-3 mo and he soon won’t be able to fit it. It’s a jumper- but it’s shorts!
    I bet Tyler gets sick of playing dress up with mommy. But I couldn’t leave him in shorts. Here is Tyler and Zach. They are the cutest brothers ever!
    Here is one of the toys that Tyler got for Christmas. I think he likes his Seahorse!
    Tyler is super easy to take pictures of. Here’s New Years Eve.

    Tyler ringing in the new year! Tyler is going to grow up like Zach and think I am the paparazzi! But hopefully when they are older they will understand why I took so many pictures of them when they see the scrapbooks I have made of our family!

    We are looking forward to a fun, exciting new year!

  • boys, boys, boys…

    Yesterday we went to the doctor for Zach’s 8 year well child check (only 7 months late) and for Tyler’s 2 month check up. And I have 2 big healthy boys!

    Zach is 79 pounds (and looking forward to getting taller so he can get rid of the booster!)
    And he got his flu shot finally. Guess it’s better late than never.

    Tyler is 13 pounds 5 oz. and 24 inches. I can’t believe how much he has grown. I call him my “chunky monkey”… and he got his 2 month shots. 3 shots in the thigh (that made him scream for a moment) and an oral one that he thought tasted pretty darn good. Needless to say he has slept a lot of yesterday and today.

    I sure am a lucky mom to have 2 precious boys. 🙂

    I can’t believe that Christmas is only 3 days away! I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    P.S. Christmas cards are on their way. (fashionably late as always!)