• Me and my Best Girl!

    Last weekend was Nicki’s baby shower.
    I was able to get a better picture of our baby bumps! She is having a girl, and is carrying soo high, Me, with a boy, am carrying low…. We fit together just like a puzzle piece with her belly sitting right over mine! I can’t wait to see our belly’s as we get bigger and to see our little “pumpkins” play as they get bigger.
    Love this girl! ———->>>

  • Baby updates

    I had my baby shower last weekend and got spoiled rotten! (and loved every minute of it!) My sister Samantha was in town and it was a great time for the shower so her and her family could be there too. Lots of friends and family came and showered Tyler and I with great gifts to get us started. We got clothes, our bed set, bath accessories, toys, pretty much anything you can think of! We played games, and ate some veggies, and had yummy cake! Thank you to all of my family and friends who thought of us on this day!
    Also here is me and my best girl Nicki who is due just 3 weeks before me! Though I look like I am about to pop and she doesn’t look pregnant from this view! She has an adorable little baby bump and little Raylee will be here the first part of October! I can’t wait for October and for these babies to get here!

    Here I am with Trav’s Grandma Arlene, Aunt Cammie, Mom Andie, and sister Kelsie.

    And last but not least… My mom and I!
    (love you!)

    I had a doctor’s apt this week and they said everything is going good. I did get a prescription for iron pills because even tho I am taking an iron supplement it seems to not be enough. Also because I developed Pre-Eclampsia with Zach they will be monitoring me a little closer this time. I have another ultra sound in a couple of weeks just to check Tyler’s growth and make sure everything is as should be. I am currently 28 weeks…. and with doing the C-section a week before my due date, we have just 11 weeks left… I can’t believe it!
    Tyler is so active and all over the place. We even have started seeing what looks to be feet, hands, and his head sticking out of my belly. And sometimes… It hurts! But mostly I enjoy it. I know I will be sad to not feel him moving around in my belly once he is born!

    As always, will keep you updated on what comes next!

  • 4th Of July

    Travis and I at our family BBQ on 4th of July, 2010
    Travis, Zach and I (and Tyler) on 4th of July at our family BBQ.
    We had family over to BBQ- Weather was off and on but stayed clear for our outing! It turned out to be a great day!

  • Summer Time!

    This weather is amazing! I had so many people make comments about me being pregnant in the summer, but I’ve had no worries about getting through the summer heat with Tyler aboard! I would take the heat any day and love sitting in the sun. This summer just means drinking even more water than normal to stay hydrated! We are hitting highs in the mid to upper 90’s and it’s great! I have been taking Zach to Long lake- it’s pretty dirty so I think I will start looking for some others. But for now it’s nice to get in the water. Not only do I get cooled off but it takes some weight off my back!
    I am now 24 weeks pregnant, and my belly is really sticking out there! I love it! Everything is going good and I am feeling great. My last Dr. appt went well and I will be doing the dreaded glucose test in a couple of weeks! Tyler is kicking like crazy and the boys have both gotten to feel him kick! It’s great! He is an active little guy!

    Next week Trav is on vacation and it will be nice for him to get to the lake with us. We are also heading to Montana for a few days to see his dad and get in some fishing! Hopefully this year I will get something better than a carp… Even though that was pretty exciting!

    Check back soon as I will be updating some pictures!

  • First Blog

    Writing my first blog I am wondering if people will actually even read this. Who knows? But I thought this would be a great way to keep in touch with my family and friends and keep you all posted on what is going to be the busiest year of my life! (up until now!)
    Travis, Zachary and myself are so very excited for Tyler to get here this fall. Right now I am scheduled to have a C-Section on October 22nd. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and feeling great! I am feeling a lot of movement even though Travis and Zach haven’t felt him move quite yet- It should be soon!

    I have been off work since the beginning of June and enjoying it! Now that Zach is out of school for the year I am busier with him too. Not to mention I have plenty to do around the house to get ready for Tyler. I am really hoping to get caught up on my scrapbooks so that once Tyler is here I am not backed up with that project too! Currently I am working on finishing my 2009, The wedding, RF, Twilight and Disneyland and need to start 2010! I have a lot ahead to work on!
    Luckily Zachary keeps himself pretty entertained and I am able to get things done!

    Please feel free to check back and I will keep you updated on all that is going on in the Greer house!