• Staying Fresh with Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™

    This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve® but the content and opinions expressed are my own.

    Summer is quickly approaching, which means sunshine and lots of hot days! I know that I’ve really looked forward to these days after a long Winter!  Now that it is time to focus on our typical Summer activities, we have been talking about what we want to do with our days. One thing that is at the top of our list is camping. We haven’t gone camping in years and we decided that this year we were going to make it happen! 

    Going camping is only the beginning when it comes to summer activities. I have really been shifting my lifestyle to include more exercise. I am not really a treadmill runner, I just have never really been able to get into it. But going for walks or occasional running is definitely something I am getting into.  

    And sometimes after I get home from a walk or run I don’t have a lot of time to shower before heading off to the kid’s soccer practice or to a playdate and that is where Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™ comes in. 

    If you don’t have time to run through the shower, using Feminine Cleansing Wash is a great go to. I picked some up from Target along with a 16 pack of cleansing wipes for when I am on the go. With either option, you will find a refreshing fragrance.

    Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™ is perfect for the woman who wants to live with confidence and keeps her fresh.  They are pH-balanced and keep you feeling shower-fresh. Plus, Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™ removes odor-causing bacteria.

    Make sure that you check out Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™ at Target and get 20% off with Cartwheel through June 30th, 2018! And share on social media what you are doing with your summer days with #SummersEveBlissfulEscape

    So this Summer, no matter where I am, and no matter what activities I am enjoying with my family, I am not worried about staying fresh thanks to Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™.

  • Mom Moments with Poise

    This post is sponsored by Poise® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

    Where are the moms at? Raise your hand! This is for you- the moms and moms-to-be that can’t laugh without peeing a little. Have some mom moments with Poise.

    Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience Light Bladder Leakage? Mom’s night out takes on an entirely new meaning to laughing so hard you pee your pants! But this topic doesn’t have to be embarrassing, or shameful. If you are experiencing LBL, you are not alone! I was talking to some girlfriends recently and we all agreed that LBL rears its ugly head. And knowing that it is common and not only affecting you can make you feel so much more confident.

    Did you know that you can do Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-Up Option and add Poise to your cart? How simple is that? And if you are feeling a little uncomfortable about your purchase this might just be the perfect option for you! I ran into the store and I couldn’t believe all the options available!

    My favorite thing about Poise pads is all the different options available. ContourFfit, Lightweight, overnight, whatever it is you are looking for Poise has an option available at Walmart! Whether you are pregnant, post-partum or have older kids, bladder leakage doesn’t discriminate. Make sure your mom moments with Poise keep you comfortable and dry and you are covered under any circumstance.

    Unsure where to start? Check out more information here at Poise. Track what triggers your LBL, whether it is from laughing, coughing, smoking or did you know that some foods can even cause light bladder leakage? Spicy foods or even citric acid could be causing it. Sometimes it could just be caused by a medication you are taking. Whatever the situation, Poise has you covered.

    Thankfully, Poise has me covered for my next Mom’s Night Out!



  • Jelt Belts

    This is a post that has been compensated by IHelpMoms.com and its advertiser Jelt Belt. All opinions are mine alone.

    Summer is at an age where finding pants for her is so hard. She is pretty little still but has some longer legs so when it is time to find jeans we struggle. They either fit her waist or they fit her legs!

    We’ve tried belts before and then there is a weird gap in the back of her pants and it is just weird and don’t really work out.

    Recently we tried a Jelt belt.

    What is a Jelt belt, you ask? It is a belt made 100% from recycled water bottles. And it has a gripping gel on the inside to grip to your pants! Which works so great for Summer because if her pants are a little too bit it will hold them in place!

    It also has no metal what-so ever on it so you can even go through security without having to worry about taking off your belt.

    And it’s no-show flat buckle is perfect to fit under a fitted shirt with no bulge.

    They have belts that fit men, woman and children, plus they have shirts and hats so go check them out!

    Right now Jelt Belts is offering a 25% discount to anyone using code: MOMS25

  • Freezer Breakfast Sandwich

    I’ve gone all in with Weight Watchers. Too many times have I found myself “cheating” on my food and exercise plans in the past and I have promised myself I wasn’t going to do that this time. I am taking it super serious while still having fun. Meaning that I enjoy my food each day, but I make sure to track everything, including pieces of chocolate from my daughter’s Easter basket. (though that actually hasn’t happened much.) So finding meals, like this breakfast sandwich, are important to me so I can eat something filling, but also good for me.

    I’m not a breakfast eater, but I know that eating breakfast is important and I have really made an effort to make sure I am fueling my body all throughout the day. And these breakfast sandwiches were really easy to make up and get into the freezer.

    I started with these muffins, turkey bacon, and eggs.

    I have never actually cooked eggs this way, but I found this breakfast sandwich recipe from Daily Dose of Pepper and this is how she cooked them so I gave it a try. It was pretty impressive. But make sure you spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray because it could end up in a huge mess! Cook on 350° for 13 minutes.

    Afterwards, I cut it into squares the size of my muffin.

    Then it was just quick assembly. Cut the muffins in half, added a piece of egg, one piece of turkey bacon that I cut in half and some sliced cheese. When I made these I used a block cheese that I had on hand and accounted for the points, but there are definitely better cheeses to use! My favorite pre-sliced cheese is Sargento ultra thin sliced Colby-Jack. 1 slice= 2 points and it is totally worth it to me.

    These breakfast sandwiches are delicious. And I love that I am able to grab one out of the freezer and have breakfast in 90 seconds. And they are worth all 6 points!
    Muffin= 3
    1 slice turkey bacon = 1
    sliced cheese = 2
    egg = 0

    Then I wrapped them in foil and put right back into the muffin bag and tossed them into the freezer!

    What is your go-to breakfast sandwich?

  • Two Ingredient Dough

    By now you already know that in March I joined Weight Watchers. And I didn’t want to mess around this time. #BecauseGoals. I have seen this two ingredient dough shared on Pinterest and on Instagram tons of times and it seems like people love it so I wanted to give it a try.

    two ingredient dough

    Not all nonfat Greek yogurt is equal, so make sure to scan yours to make sure your points are accurate for your two ingredient dough! But the Fage nonfat Greek Yogurt that I used was zero points. And this is SO simple. Add 1 cup of NFGY and 1 cup of self-rising flour and mix until a dough forms. If it is still a little sticky, add a tiny bit more flour.

    NOTE: (If you don’t have self-rising flour, use 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1 1/2 tsp of baking powder and a 1/2 tsp of salt and mix together before adding your greek yogurt.)

    Put some flour down on the counter and knead your dough for 2 minutes or so. Then section into 4 equal pieces.
    The full amount of dough is 11 #freestyle points and each section equals out to be 3 pts.

    I rolled three of my sections out and formed them into bagels. For my 4th piece, I rolled it then cut it into bits because I was wanting to dip them in queso.

    After you have your bagels on a tray, paint a little of an egg wash onto the tops.

    Then I sprinkled them with Everything but the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes. I didn’t use much because I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the seasoning. But of course, it is delicious!

    Then bake this two ingredient dough for 18-22 minutes at 350°. My bits were perfect after 18 minutes but the bagels needed to stay for longer. I took them out after 20 minutes but they probably could have stayed for the full time with no issue.

    I am a total “chips and dip” person and I have missed queso. Just for fun I checked the points while I was at the grocery store the other day and it was 1 point for 2 Tbsp and that is totally worth it to me. In case you are interested, I used Tostitos salsa con queso.

    Don’t think you are limited to only making bagels with this amazing two ingredient dough! Because I have seen so many recipes made with this! Take a piece and flatten out and cook for a breakfast sandwich or pizza dough! The possibilities are endless!

    Have you tried this two ingredient dough? What did you think of it?