Resolutions In Motion.

So the last couple weeks I have been talking about Weigh in Wednesday,
and I also mentioned Resolutions In Motion as well–
You can still sign up for that by clicking the button below. (Great prizes are in store!)

Anyway, for Resolutions In Motion I am going to do a quick recap.

 If you want the full story, click here, and here.

For the breakdown, I’m overweight.
 I need to do something about it.
I’m starting now.
For the first 6 weeks of Resolutions In Motion I want to lose 5 pounds (Yep, it’s a start)
 I want to be working on eating better,
 not drinking soda,
and getting some exercise.

So that’s it. I’m excited to see what others are doing, and maybe how we can motivate each other!



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