Resolutions in Motion- Round 2

Make More, Pin Less 
That’s my motto for the second round of Resolutions in Motion. 
I have just shy of 6,000 pins.  
I think it’s time to get busy and make some projects. 
Even though I have already made more Pinterest projects than I even thought I would, I have so many more I want to make. 
The goal for the next 6 weeks? 
To make 6 Pinterest projects. 1 per week can be done easily enough… Right? 
To get this done I plan on making the most out of my time. I don’t always do that. I also plan on spending a little less time on Pinterest, here, on the blog, to get things done. 
Also, this will not include any Pinterest recipes I make. 
Can it be done? Absolutely!




  • Rosie

    Great idea Kate. You could come and join in my 2013 Craft Challenge and knock out two crafts in the process. January is all bout using leftovers! Good luck!


  • Casey

    This is a fantastic goal!! Sometimes I feel like I have actually accomplished something when I am on Pinterest, but really, I was just sitting on the computer

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