Take Control of your Light Bladder Leakage

Light Bladder Leakage is no laughing matter. In fact, it can be rather embarrassing. Have you ever been having a good time with your girlfriends and you have a good laugh and then you pee a little? Or maybe you cough too hard and you instantly realize that you need to cross your legs?

No one should have to worry about having an accident, but 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage and life happens and after 3 kids, it happens more than I’d like to admit! That is why I love these Poise® Impressa bladder supports. They come with a sizing kit so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Impressa comes in an applicator like a tampon and is inserted the same. It will help to stop leaks but you can still go to the bathroom like normal with it inserted, which is so convenient! And as long as it is inserted correctly, you probably won’t even feel it.

They cost up to $13.99 but Poise.com has coupons regularly so make sure that you get yours!
Find one here and get $2 off! —> Poise® Coupon

Impressa Bladder Supports are great and have really helped me decrease my light bladder leakage. But that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Grab your own sizing kit and start with a size one to see how it will work for you.

If Impressa isn’t for you, no worries! Poise® also has pads and liners so you can find the one that works right for you, whether you have light leakage or need the ultimate absorbency.

That way the next time you are having a good laugh with your friends, you are not worried about your light bladder leakage.

Have you ever experienced light bladder leakage when you laugh or exercise?

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