Toddler french toast sticks

A while back I came across this recipe on Pinterest for toddler french toast sticks
and I finally decided to try it out.
30 slices of bread (I used 24 slices)
1/4 c butter, melted
8 eggs
1/3 c sugar
1 1/3 c milk
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 c butternut squash puree (I used pumpkin)
Preheat over to 350. Cut bread into halves. In large bowl mix all ingredients except bread. One at a time, dip bread into mixture, laying them out on a greased cookie sheet. Cook for 30 minutes, flipping once after 15 minutes. 
Freezing directions: Let sticks cool completely or place in freezer for 15 minutes until they are partially frozen. Place in freezer bag and put in freezer until you are ready to eat. To serve cook in microwave for about 40 seconds.
(Since I used only 24 pieces of bread and cut them into halves, I got 48 servings rather than the original recipes which got 90 servings)
Tyler thinks they are delicious! 



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