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Hello Ultimate Blog Party Hoppers!
Welcome to Life as I know it, and Thank you for stopping by!
I’m Kate
and this is my family!

Having two boys has been such a blessing, and now we’ve added this little lady. And we are complete!
Being a mom has been my best and favorite job ever. At times it’s hard, but it’s always so worth it!

Here at Life as I know it you are going to find lots about my family. Especially these three kiddos and our adventures. You will also find lots of crafts (like these pom poms) and DIY projects (like these love blocks) because I like to attempt to make cool things for our home! Also, I am a cook in training. I say “in training” because until about 3 years ago I only made the same few recipes and never tried many new meals. But now, thanks to Pinterest, I make new recipes regularly and share them on Foodie Friday.  I also do occasional reviews when I get cool new products to try out. I love getting to try new things that I might not have ever purchased otherwise!
I hope you will follow along. You can find multiple ways to follow over here ——>
You’ll notice that you can’t follow via GFC, and of course, that’s because with Reader going away, I’m trying to lean towards Bloglovin’
Again, Thank you for stopping by and leave a comment to let me know you are following and how I can follow back! 

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