Weigh in Wednesday

I’m wasting no time getting back in the groove of things!

Today I started a new 90 day round of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge and I’m excited! I have a wonderful accountability partner and we are in it for the long haul, already swapping numbers and recipes.

And I love being able to share everything here too. You guys always rock and keep me motivated. Thank you!


Today I’m sharing my numbers. These are as of Monday 1/6/14

Weight: 178
Bust: 40
Bicep: R: 12 L: 12
Hips:  43
Thighs: R: 23 L: 23 1/2
Waist at belly button: 41

It’s not too different than when I last checked in, but I have gained back a little, so I’m kicking it in high gear. Last Summer I bought a swim suit that I made part of my motivation and every once in a while I try it on. It’s getting looser and that is a pretty amazing feeling. I’m hoping I’ll be wearing it this summer and feeling great!

What are you doing to get yourself in shape? Do you have a great recipe you’d love for me to feature? Comment below or shoot me an email at flattsaholic@gmail.com

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  • Deborah Patrick

    I incorporating more veg into my dinners, having bread-free days and drinking more water {as a start!}. I am trying to exercise more but there’s not enough time in the day for me, so once Ihave that organised a bit more I’ll be flying. Hopefully! x

    • Kate

      Sounds like you are off to a great start! Have you looked at the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge? They are typically quick exercises that you can do at home, that is why I love it!

  • ShanaLou

    You are so brave to put your weight loss journey online. i keep thinking maybe i’ll do it for accountability, but then i chicken out. Good luck! I love your quote. Also applies to blogging! And i should know–i’ve been doing it since 2006 off and on. I’m finally on a roll and have been blogging consistently since the Fall. But it’s hard when you feel like only your dog read it. lol 🙂 Keep up the great work on your blogging and weight loss journey.

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